Thursday, May 28, 2009

Claymore Gingan no Majo - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» Clare is a silver-eyed killer who's a Claymore - a mercenary of sorts who has the ability to discern humans from monsters-hiding-as-humans. Clare carries a claymore as her weapon which she uses to slice and dice monsters with clean-cuts that lop off arms, legs, and even shears abdomens apart like paper. Digital Works Entertainment's new Claymore game features side scrolling platform action where Clare jumps, attacks, and lunges with stilted abandon.
When roaming the world of Claymore, Clare's a stiff-limbed and rigid warrior as she explores and faces off against adversaries. Maybe Clare is so disciplined that she maintains a proper posture even when she's jumping and hacking away. The supporting cast of characters from the manga such as Raki, Priscilla, and others who also appear in the game.

Days of Memories 3 + Bonus - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» SNK's popular romance-interaction series of games reaches its third stride this Spring on the Nintendo DS. The new Days of Memories 3 gathers together another compilation of love games (Days of Memories Series 7 through 9) which were originally released for the Japanese cell phone market. Players get to woo a number of SNK heroines and perhaps find a little love in a harsh world. Characters who may be doted upon include Athena Asamiya, Nakoruru, Kula Diamond, King, Mina Majikina, Iroha, and many more. If you've ever dreamt of having a virtual relationship with a goddess like Mina, here's your chance. Since the setting for the games take place in modern Japan, the maidens are dressed like well-attended young ladies. In addition to the main game, SNK also includes a BGM sound player, a character Album, and a Ending Gallery in the software program.

Tactics Layer Ritelina Guard Senki - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» On a world in crisis that's beset by Satan (who looks like a hipster) and his demonic cohorts, the denizens cry out for help. That call is answered by an unsuspecting traveler from another world. A heroine named Lisa is destined to save the world from ruin and she's going to accomplish that ponderous endeavor by way of cosplay. By wearing different uniforms, Lisa gains the abilities that each uniform symbolizes and encompasses. For example, when Lisa dons her nurse costume, he can heal members of her party while one of the offensive powers of the sailor suit is a commuter stampede of salarymen and students. Lisa's party includes a heroine named Jericho who can wear a J-Pop-ish outfit which allows her to perform music attacks. Tactics Layer plies the S-RPG trade with maps that are isometric and parties that face off against each other on grid-based battlefields.

Gyakuten Kenji - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» Miles Edgeworth comes into his own in Capcom's Gyakuten Kenji where the gray-haired legal eagle takes up the position of lead prosecutor. Resplendent in his crazy eccentric purple outfit, Miles looks the part of an old school court dandy but he's dead serious about the law. By using wits, his legal know-how, and a confrontational attitude, Miles gets to the bottom of four cases featured in the latest Gyakuten game.

The first episode is titled "Turnabout Visitor" where a deceased police detective named Shinji Nakamado is discovered by Miles in his office. Soon afterwards, police investigators and Dick Gumshoe are on the scene but Gumshoe is accused of the crime by a prosecutor named Makoto Yuki. It's up to Miles to help his friend by finding the truth and setting Dick free. Miles' job is to investigate crime scenes, gather clues, and present a rock-solid case.

Witch Tale Mirai Majo to Seven Hime - New, In Stock

«©NCSX» It's been a millennium since a rampaging coven of witches was sealed in a tome by a goddess named Alice. Enter an apprentice witch named Ridell who unsuspectingly breaks the seal and releases the beastly witch coven into the world once more. Mournful of her folly, Ridell resolves to venture forth and recapture the witches and seal them all into the tome once again. To accomplish her quest, Ridell teams up with a vampire named Louis and travels to seven different kingdoms to find the goddess Alice and some much needed answers. Along the way, she'll also level-up, attract cohorts, and gain enough experience to tackle the Witch Queen herself. The controls are handled entirely through the NDS stylus where tapping the touch screen triggers attacks, magic, and other actions. The "Revolver Icon System" in the game also allows for dragging commands into action.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Chokuretsu - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» Drama. Haruhi would be lost without it since she craves drama like the sand craves the surf. Haruhi even wants drama when attending summer school and she recruits the members of the SOS-Brigade to help her uncover the "Seven Mysterious Secrets" of North High School.

Sega presents an original storyline set in the Suzumiya Haruhi Universe which takes place inside the confines of North H.S. The game starts innocently enough with an SD version of Kyon setting things in motion with news of the "Mysterious Secrets" followed by Haruhi's steadfast determination to ferret them out. A lengthy introductory sequence sets up the story in visual novel style but eventually gives way to a point and click action game where Kyon is moved and controlled around the school. By interacting with the student body as well as fellow members of the SOS-Dan, Kyon and friends uncover the mysteries of their school.

Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Empires - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» Warring States are in play once again in Koei's new Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Empires which features 3D warfare where a single general basically acts as a one man army. The Empire Mode of the game features tactical action where players make decisions as to the stewardship of a territory in Ancient China. Players may choose to become a lord, an officer General, or take on both roles. By establishing diplomatic relations with neighbors while waging war against others, a wise ruler eventually gets to elevate his station and gain reign over the entirety of the nation. The game introduces a new card system where a ruler's control over his empire may be handled by using simple cards to make decisions and set policy.

SSM5 Empires brings back the Edit Mode which allows up to 100 characters to be created from pre-fabricated archetypes which you may then customize with colors, hair, body type, facial structure, clothing, glasses, eyepatches, and more. New characters in the game include Cao Pi, Ling Tong, Yue Ying, Taishi Ci, and an androgynous warrior named Zhang He. Downloadable content will be made available to bolster the SS5E experience.

Yuusha 30 - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» Humans and demons have warred against each other for five centuries. Satan has grown tired of the battles and he's started to cast a devastating magical spell to obliterate the world. Before that happens however, a party of valiant heroes has 30 seconds to rise up, defeat the demons, and save the world from certain doom. To enforce the 30-second rule, a timer on the top of the screen keeps track of how much time has elapsed in each bite-sized portion of the game. To reset the clock, players may run into towns and donate gold to goddess statues to gain another 30 seconds. The first donation to the goddess is invariably 100G but grows in size at every turn. The world exploration sequences are viewed from an overhead perspective while battles shift the view to a side scrolling interlude where monsters are mowed down by barreling forward. Yuusha 30 boils the conventional RPG down to it's base elements and crams what usually to take hours in a conventional RPG into the space of a few seconds. The visual style of the game hearkens back to the 8-bit heyday but with 32-bit gloss.

NCS completed 10 self-contained adventures this morning in the space of 20 rapid-fire minutes. Each quest takes less than 2 minutes to complete from start to finish and your hero's stats reset after every adventure. The formula for every quest is identical however which can lead to tedium. The basic framework for every single adventure is as follows: Roam the land, battle monsters to level up and gain gold, reset the clock, and then go after the enemy boss who resides in his castle. That's pretty much it and there's few hundred quests like that...