Monday, October 08, 2007

Ragnarok Online Jumbo Poring Plush - In Stock

Fans of the MMORPG Ragnarok Online are well aware of the species known as Poring. For everyone else looking at the photo to the left, the words, "Teardrop-shaped blob of fluff" might be an apt description. Here's where NCS comes in to school you - the game world of Ragnarok Online is populated by the Poring beasties who tend to ignore humans and have a voracious appetite. Think of them as cannon fodder of the adorable sort.

Since there is much love for the Poring, Japanese manufacturer System Service unleashes a Poring plush which measures a whopping 35 x 38cm or 13.77 x 14.96" in dimension. It's bigger than the biggest Dragon Quest slimes we've ever stocked. Two varieties are in stock and shipping today - a pink jumbo Poring and a lime-flavored Poring at US$45 each. Please note that this item is a dimensional weight product and NCS recommends only shipping by UPS Ground within the United States and First Class Air Mail for our international customers.
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Transformers Messenger Bag - New, In Stock

You don't have to be a messenger to appreciate the reversible Transformers Messenger Bag from Beagle. Big and roomy with a handy flap to keep its contents from flying out, the Transformers Bag would be desirable for shoppers, campers, and maybe even survivalists. A shoulder strap allows the bag to be slung to one's side and two latches on the flap close with a snap. Since the bag is reversible, stencil artwork of either Destron or Cybertron symbols is etched onto the front of both sides of the flap. Limited to only 100 pieces total in the whole wide world. Pricing is set at JPY18000 or US$195 from NCS. New orders are welcome today.

Super Mario Bros 50cm Statue - In Stock Again

In Japan and Asia, many households and businesses place a Maneki Neko or Fortune Cat near the window or door to bring good luck and prosperity. The fortune cat lifts up a paw in salutation while the other paw holds a koban or gold coin close to its belly.

We look at the Mario 50cm (19.68") tall statue as the video game equivalent of Maneki Neko and it'll potentially bring good fortune into local arcades, video game shops, and amusement centers.
The world's most famous plumber smiles and welcomes visitors into an establishment with a flourish. We're of the opinion that a retail store which places one of the most successful video game characters near its front doors can only invite fortune into the establishment. Mario will also attract curiosity seekers who'll enter the shop to marvel at its girth. Think of it as feng-shui for the gaming industry.

As an aside, all of the stores that we've sold these types of Mario figures to are still in business and successful. That's not to say that Mario will save a flagging business or a shop that's competing against a newly opened Gamestop or EBGames next door. NCS originally stocked the Mario statue in May of this year and we've restocked it again for new orders.

Xenosaga Legend Episode 2 - In Stock Again

Bandai's Xenosaga Legend toy set continues with the many faces and forms of KOS-MOS. Five standard figures are featured in the set as follows:

» KOS-MOS ver. 1 (XenoComi Version)
» KOS-MOS ver. 2 (Xenosaga Ep. II)
» KOS-MOS Before Replacing Temp. Body
» KOS-MOS swimsuit version
» Shion Uzuki (Xenosaga Ep. III)
» Five additional secret variants are randomly packaged in the boxes.

The figures measure approximately 4.5" tall and are sculpted beautifully with careful details and regulation issue KOS-MOS accoutrements. Please order this item in complete factory cases of 8 toys at US$65 per box. «photos»

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - Preorder

When Gran Turismo 5 launches sometime in the future, it will mark a momentous occasion to be inscribed in the annals of video gaming. Probably in 18-pt Verdana boldface type. Anticipation for GT5 runs high amongst the racing literati and demand for the game can be described as pent-up. However, no one knows when it'll be released (including Sony) and the natives are getting restless.

To sate some of that pent-up demand, Sony has officially started preorders for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue which ships on December 13, 2007 in Japan. GT5P will give gamers a preview and a taste of Gran Turismo 5 and some of what it has to offer. Bite-sized morsels, if you will, of a buffet that can't be savored in its entirety yet. Two versions of GT5P are on tap: A downloadable version from the Playstation Online Store priced at JPY4500 and a retail store edition that's priced at JPY4980. Since NCS can't wrangle any of the vig from the downloadable version, we'll be supplying the retail store edition on 12/13 for US$45.90.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 - Preorder

You can have your FIFA and the gloss. We want real soccer with superior controls, intelligent AI, and natural player movement where animated strikers trudge down the field with goal in their eyes. Konami's upcoming PES 2008 is the latest release in a storied franchise that ships later this month in Europe. A new game system dubbed "TeamVision" allows the AI to analyze a player's style of movement and attack and counter accordingly with defensive maneuvers and offensive strikes. Opposing team players controlled by the AI will react quicker to happenings on the field and adjust their style of play so that "cheap" tricks won't necessarily work the second time around.

Preorders are welcome to ship on or around October 26, 2007. Due to the plummeting value of the dollar against the British pound, please note that pricing is set at US$78 for this game.

Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Costume - Preorder

When Alice tumbled down the rabbit-hole, she emerged into the world of Wonderland with nary a scratch, scuff, or tear in her prim and proper dress. The white "apron" stayed white and the blue poofy dress remained a pristine azure shade. Maybe that's part of the magic of Wonderland where edibles bearing signs which read "EAT ME" and "DRINK ME" lead to wondrous events.

Japanese manufacturer COSPA has started preorders for a somewhat accurate recreation of Alice's costume which includes a blue dress, a white apron, a black hair ribbon, and white thigh high socks. Gals with measurements of 33-25-36 cm may freely purchase the outfit but it won't fit anyone bigger than that. Pricing is set at JPY9800 or US$105 from NCS. Preorders are welcome to ship on or around October 30, 2007.

Milky Angel Evolution Vol. 2 Trading Cards - Preorder

Three Japanese JAV idols are invited and inducted into service once more in volume 2 of the Milky Angel Evolution series. The new models featured in the upcoming card set are:

Nana Konishi - DOB: 7/7/87 Measurements T160cm·B88cm·W58cm·H86cm
Miyu Hoshino - DOB: 5/5/87 Measurements T155cm·B84cm·W57cm·H84cm
Tsubomi - DOB: 12/5/87 Measurements T160cm·B84cm·W58cm·H85cm

There's a total of 72 regular cards in MAE Vol. 2 but it's the limited and exclusive cards that seem to get the most attention in the aftermarket. From the manufacturer's preorder solicitation, we see that there's also the following special cards randomly inserted in each pack:

9 kinds of SP cards, 9 handwriting cards, 6 costume cards, 6 lingerie cards, 6 kiss cards, and 3 cards which include a strand of the idol's hair, and more. The product description also mentions a "nipple stamp" card where the gal dips her boobie into pink ink and then pushes it onto a piece of paper. This leaves an imprint which looks like the CBS logo. Compelling. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late December 2007 at US$60/box which contains 12 packs of 8 cards each for a total of 96 cards/box.

Macross SDF-1 1:5000 Scale Toy - Preorder

Anime fans had it pretty good in the early 80s. From late October 1982 to June 1983, the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross enthralled viewers with a space opera that took place on a Earth and on a massive alien space ship that was rebuilt by determined humans after a 10 year period. Just in time too, since the Zentradi came a-knocking soon after the rebuilding effort was completed.

To fill the childhood dreams of every Macross fan in Japan and abroad, Japanese manufacturer Hobby Wave has announced a 1:5000 scale SDF-1 toy that's constructed of ABS, PVC, and die-cast metal. The ship measures 24cm or 9.44 in length from fore to aft. That's not all folks. The SDF also transforms from battleship to robot form as seen in one Macross episode where the power circuits had to be connected in order to fire the main cannon. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid February 2008 at US$165.

New Super Mario Bros Sound Drop Set - Preorder

Back in the day, the sound in video games consisted of beeps and boops that were functional but lacking in any soul or spirit. As the industry evolved, sounds and music became nearly as integral to the game as the graphics to set the mood and add atmosphere.

Bandai understands this. They've been releasing "Sound Drops" toys for a few years now which are little keychain toys that celebrate the sounds of video games. Our favorite was the Street Fighter Sound Drops from a while back but the upcoming New Super Mario Bros Sound Drops look like worthy contenders. Eight sound drops are featured in the set which include sampled sounds such as "COIN," "JUMP," and "1UP." NCS will supply the New SMB Sound Drops in complete sets of 8 at US$25/set. Delivery in Jan.

Tales of Innocence NDS Lite Accessory Set - Preorder

Whenever a hot gaming property is released in Japan, it's pretty much a given that Hori will produce a tie-in product that'll dovetail with the game's launch. The Tales games in Japan are what we would consider hot properties and Hori knows what butters their bread. What sauces their ramen. What cheeses their pizza.

Namco's Tales of Innocence ships on December 6 and guess who's right there with a side deal to capitalize on the love? Hori's Tales of Innocence Accessory set follows the package convention determined by previous accessory sets in that it includes a special stylus and a skin for the Nintendo DS Lite. We spy six main characters from the game on the top of the skin. Preorders are welcome to ship on December 6 at US$23 per set.

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