Friday, October 03, 2014

 PS3 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX - New Import $69.90

Product Synopsis
   KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX is an HD remastered compilation of KINGDOM HEARTS II FINAL MIX and KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX. HD remastered cinematics from KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded will also be included in the compilation. The game is a sequel to last year’s KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX and will lead into the highly anticipated KINGDOM HEARTS III. The Kingdom Hearts saga continues with 3 magical journeys in one package! If you’re new to the franchise, this is the perfect opportunity to jump in!

· Origins of KINGDOM HEARTS: KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX traverses through the origins of KINGDOM HEARTS as players can choose between three Keyblade Masters - Terra, Ventus, or Aqua. Their journeys will link everything back to the beginning. This version of KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX marks the first time this game will be released on the PlayStation 3 platform!

· ReMIXed for everyone: Not only have the graphics on each game have been completely overhauled to adapt to the PlayStation 3, but KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded has been converted into HD remastered cinematics with all new cutscenes featuring all of your favorite KINGDOM HEARTS characters!
Product Specs
Publisher: Square Enix

Jan Code: 4988601008815 / BLJM-61220
Japan Title: キングダム ハーツ -HD 2.5 リミックス-
Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS Mega Man 2: Running Mega Man 13" Statue - Import Preorder $229.90

Product Synopsis 
    Megaman is a highly advanced fighting robot built by the great Dr. Thomas Light. Initially, Megaman started life as a humble human lab assistant called Rock, but took the difficult decision to upgrade his own body into a fighting machine after Dr. Light’s robotic creations were stolen and repurposed by the rogue scientist Dr. Wily. Armed with the Mega Buster arm cannon and Ceratanium armour, Megaman is tasked with finding and defeating Wily and his army of Robot Masters to stop them in their plans for world conquest.

    First 4 Figures is very proud to present Megaman in his classic in-game design from the legendary series by Capcom. Megaman is portrayed sprinting on one of the conveyor belts seen in Metal Man’s stage from Megaman 2, with sparks flying as the ceratanium boots on his feet graze the surface. On his right arm, Megaman has his Mega Buster equipped on his way to the showdown with Metal Man himself.

    The entire statue is cast in high quality polystone, and uses a variety of painting and finishing techniques to achieve a remarkable appearance to the statue. From the bottom of the base to the top of Megaman’s head, the statue measures 13 inches tall.

    Comes in deluxe full color packaging, hand numbered base, and includes an authenticity card which allows you to purchase the same number of the model next in the Megaman series.

    This is the exclusive version of Megaman. LEDs have been implemented in several places throughout the statue (including the base) to add a whole new look and dimension to the piece. The impact spark by Megaman’s foot also flashes intermittently. All these lights slowly fade away once switched off.

    Highly limited to 425 units worldwide.

    Preorders ship in late March 2015.

  Product Specification
Manufacturer: First 4 Figures
  Dimensions: H33cm (12.99")
  Material: Polystone
  Japanese Title: ロックマン2/ ランニング ロックマン 13インチ スタチュー
  Jan Code:
  Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS RoboCop EM-208 - Import Preorder US$198.90

Product Synopsis
RoboCop EM-208
    We are excited to announce first pre-order from RoboCop line of collectibles and it's going to be EM-208. We put all our experience to replicate EM-208 design in 1/6th scale and showcase all the details with lifelike weathering. The EM-208 is a military enforcement robot created by OmniCorp, you can test his AI in sparing battles with RoboCop V1 and V3, which we will be rolling out for pre-order later this year.

 1/6th scale RoboCop EM-208 details:
* Figure stands approximately 12" (around 30.5cm) tall
 * Fully articulated figure
 * Helmet features LED light-up visor
 * Highly detailed mechanical design based on the official movie
 * Realistic paint application highlighting the details
 * Articulated pistols manually extended from both arms.
 * AG1 X 3 button cell batteries (batteries not included)

   Preorders ship in February 2015.
 Product Specs

 Manufacturer: threezero
: H30cm (11.81")
 Material: ABS, PVC
Japanese Title: ロボコップ RoboCop EM-208(ロボコップ EM-208) 1/6スケール ABS&PVC&POM製塗装済み可動フィギュア
 JAN Code: 4571368444387
Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS Nendoroid Haikyu!! Hinata Shoyo - Import Preorder US$43.90

Product Synopsis
Toss to me! Come on!
From the popular anime and manga series 'Haikyuu!!' comes a Nendoroid of Karasuno High School Volleyball Club's ultimate decoy, Shoyo Hinata! He comes with three different expressions including a cheerful smiling face, a confident expression as well as a super excited face.

   He comes with a variety of optional parts such as a volleyball and net parts allowing you to pose him just as he is about to spike the ball! He also comes with a special base made in the image of a volleyball court! Enjoy having Hinata run along the court in Nendoroid size!!

   Preorders are welcome to ship in January 2015.

Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Height: 10cm (3.93")
Material: ABS&ATBC-PVC
Japanese Title: ねんどろいど ハイキュー! 日向翔陽 ABS&ATBC-PVC塗装済み可動フィギュア
Territory/Language: Japan/Japanese
Jan Code:

 GEAR Transformers Limited Edition Destron Ring - Sale US$229.90 Free Shipping

Product Synopsis
Update: August 17, 2007

«©NCS» When a student graduates from high school, she might purchase a class ring to commemorate the occasion. After a Transformers fanatic watches a new Transformers live-action movie, he might get so excited that he'll shell out over US$200 for a Transformers Ring. Depending on personal allegiance, buyers may purchase a Destron Army Ring or a Cybertron Army Ring in three available sizes. Each ring is limited to only 50 units each.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Beagle
Territory/Language: Japan
Jan Code:
   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EST.

   New, mint condition inventory

 GEAR Taito Game T-Shirt Bubble Bobble (Large) - Sale US$39.90 Free shipping USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: December 20, 2009
   Bubblun is a green dragon who blows bubbles in the game Bubble Bobble. One of Bubblun's adversaries in the game is a hooded goblin named Drunk who doesn't even appear until stage 50. The first few enemies that Bubblun encounters are the chomping Zen-Chan, Maita, and Monsta. None of those early-level enemies appear in Taito's upcoming Bubble Bobble T-shirts but Drunk makes the cut to join Bubblun in their respective t-shirts which are available in small, medium, or large sizes.

» Bubblun T-Shirt - Bub appears above the words, "Insert Coin"
» Drunk T-Shirt - Drunk hovers above the words, "Game Over"

   The back of the t-shirts feature the "Bubble Bobble" logo in pink letters. 

Product Specification
Manufacturer: Taito
Japan Title: タイトー ゲームTシャツ #1 バブルボブル バブルン ブラック
Jan Code: 4562224120309

Territory/Language: Japan
   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EST.  
New, mint condition inventory

 GEAR Do Don Pachi Keychain - Sale US$36.90 Free shipping USA

Product Synopsis

An official Cave 'DonDonPachi Keychain' which sports three metal rings to keep your keys together.

Product Specification
Manufacturer: Cave
Japan Title:
Jan Code: 4571297378746 /
Territory/Language: Japan
   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EST.  New, mint condition inventory