Thursday, August 18, 2022

TOYS Fighting Armor Thor (New, 2022) Preorder $129.98/each


Product Synopsis  
Update August 18, 2022
   Thor appears in the 9th installment of the new action figure series [Fighting Armor]! If Tony Stark turns the abilities of the Avengers into armor... a toy original concept series. Designed by Mitsunari Otenfu, a designer who is a toy enthusiast for Thor. Hiroyuki Komatsubara is in charge of prototype production and direction. It is modeled with the [suit] that contains the human body in mind, and each joint point pursues movement at a position extremely close to the human body. Reproduce the profound feeling by using die casting in various places.

   The head and chest are armor with the image of armor. Equipped with a cloth cloak with a built-in wire on the back. Furthermore, a pedestal for action scenes in the air is also included.

   Reservations are welcome to ship in late December 2022. 

Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Sentinel
Dimension: H17cm ()
Material: PVC, ABS
Jan Code: 4571335883768
Japanese Title: ファイティングアーマー ソー
Territory/Language: Japanese

 PS2 Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation (Sale, 2004) Offer $49.98 each


NCS Product Synopsis
Update: August 25, 2004
«©NCSX» The 10th Anniversary of the Virtua Fighter franchise was accompanied with relatively little fanfare last year - there was a 
book/cdfrom Enterbrain but little else in the way of celebration. No keychains, bottle openers, blankets, or other merchandising flooded the market. This year, Sega does a little more with today's release of the VF: Cyber Generation game and a Sega Ages 2500 re-release of the original game ships next month.
   Travel to a city called Acropolis where citizens may enter a virtual world known as Nexus. Players take control of a young hero named Sei who explores the game world and battles in Virtua Fighter style. Sei learns his moves by studying archived data of legends such as Akira, Sarah, and Jeffrey. Sei wears a gauntlet of sorts on his right arm which shoots out a beam of purple light which works something like the prehensile arms last seen in Bionic Commando. In addition to its use as a grappling hook, the beam may also be shot out to grab enemies or to aid in a combination attack where a punch sends a foe flying but the beam is used to bring him back for another blow.

   This item ships same-day (M-F) from our NYC warehouse as long as your order is submitted before 4PM EDT.

Product Specification
Manufacturer: Sega
Territory/Language: Japan

JAN Code: 4974365830762
Compatibility: Playsation 2 (Japan Only)