Monday, March 12, 2007

Import Preorder Schedule Updated

If we had the inventory, we'd be able to sell dozens of GGXX Accent Core coin-op kits for US$1850/each. Right now. Sadly, there's none to be found currently but a PS2 version is on the way in late May for a measly US$49. That's a US$1801 discount.
Nintendo DS
4/26 Momotarou Dentetsu DS Tokyo & Japan Hudson
4/30 Watashi no Relakuma Rocket
Playstation 2
4/19 King of Fighters NESTS: Neo Geo Online Collection SNK
5/10 Wrestle Kingdom 2 Pro Wrestling Sekai Taisen Yukes
5/31 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Sammy
Playstation Portable
4/26 Snow Portable Prototype
5/10 Final Fantasy Tactics Shishi Sensou Square
5/24 Bleach Heat the Soul 4 Sony
5/31 Minna no Golf Ba Sony

Minna no Golf Ba + GPS Receiver Sony

HDMI Optical Selector

Hori has opened up preorders for a HDMI selector box which accepts video from up to four devices and pipes the signal to an HDMI compatible television. In addition to the HDMI video handling, the box also accepts up to four optical audio inputs. The box design is sleek and the selection of inputs is performed by pressing a soft-touch pushbutton switch on the left side of the unit. A convenient remote control is also included for switching between inputs from a distance. Pricing is set at JPY29,800 or US$279 from NCS. The specs of the device are as follows:

HDMI v1.2a
HDCP Compliant
Max Resolution: 1920 x 1200
480P / 720P / 1080i / 1080P Compatible
Product dimensions: (W) 410mm x (D) 242mm x (H) 50mm
Product weight: 2.40kg

The selector includes a 2m HDMI cable and 100V power supply. Preorders are welcome starting today to ship on April 30, 2007.

Darth Vader Mask & Clothing

Remember the first time you looked up at the silver screen and found yourself daunted by the imposing presence of Darth Vader? All black and glossy and looking like the Grim Reaper himself. If you've ever fantasized about impersonating the Sith Lord, Taito's upcoming Darth Vader Mask & Clothing might help. The set includes an accurate representation of Darth's mask (30cm) and a polyester apron which features an artwork gearbox in the chest area. All that remains to complete the ensemble is a cape and a lightsaber. Preorders are welcome to ship in Sept 2007.

Light Saber Remote Control

Most television remote controls are rectangular and flattish. Taito diverges from standard design conventions and shapes their remote control into a light saber which measures 20cm or 7.87" in length. The general controls found on a regular remote are featured on the saber: channel selection (up and down), volume (up and down), and an on/off switch located near the base.
Two styles are on offer, a standard light saber with off-white color and a black/off-white variant. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late Sept 07.

R2-D2 Laundry Basket

In the various Star Wars movies, R2-D2 has opened gates, shot a lightsaber to Luke, and shocked creatures with electricity. Add one more admirable skill to R2's repertoire: storing laundry.
Measuring 40cm or 15.74" tall, the R2-D2 laundry basket cracks open at its mid-section and holds t-shirts, underoos, towels, and other articles of clothing that require washing. When its time to visit the laundromat, lug R2 with you and watch the other patrons stare at it with mouths agape and envy in their eyes. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late Aug 2007.

Juicy Tomato

Have you ever felt the murderous inclination to completely crush an innocent cherry tomato with a kung-fu grip? Neither have we but just in case that thirst ever needs slaking, Taito has announced the creation of fake cherry tomatoes that may be destroyed with your bare hands.
Sold in master cases of 340 cherry tomatoes at about US$320/case, two types are available: a red cherry tomato with green vine attachment on top and a yellow cherry tomato. Please note that real cherry tomatoes cost a fraction of what Taito is charging for fake ones but nevermind that. Real tomatoes should be used for nutrition and not for your maniacal crushing pleasure. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late May 2007 and NCS sells the fake cherries in sets of 3 for US$5.

Mickey Mouse Wedding Nihon Style

When Mickey got married to Minnie in Sega Toys' 2006 plush effort, Mickey wore a white tuxedo and Minnie got gussied up in a tasteful wedding dress. For their 2007 wedding turn, Mickey and Minnie go with traditional Japanese style.
Mickey wears a black montuki which matches his ears and a grey hakama. Minnie dresses in a white kimono with matching tsuno kakushi on top of her head to cover her horns as well as her ears. Bride and groom wear tabi socks with geta sandals to get their groove on. Preorders are expected to ship in mid-late May 2007 at US$39 for the pair of newlyweds.

Import Outlook

PS2 Garouden Break Blow: Fist or Twist leads preorders for the week.
NDS Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan DS Namco

Kuru Poto Starfish

Survival Kids Lost in Blue 2 Konami
PS2 Garouden Break Blow: Fist or Twist ESP

Konjiki no Corda 2 Koei

Konjiki no Corda 2 Premium Box Koei
Wii G1 Jockey 4 Koei

Sonic to Himitsu Ring Sega

USA Release Outlook

PS2 God of War 2 leads preorders for the week. The NDS Mind Quiz game is the USA localization of Nounenrei: Nou Stress Kei Atama Scan which we originally stocked in September 2006. Namco's Quick Spot is the U.S. localization of Unou no Tatsuhin! Soukai! Machigai Museum with new content for Western audiences.
GC Backyard Sports Baseball 2007 [DELAYED] Atari
NDS Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach Ubisoft

Quick Spot Namco
PS2 God of War 2 Sony
PSP Call of Duty: Roads to Victory Activision
Wii Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 EA