Monday, December 31, 2007

DokoDemo Asoberu - The Shooting Action - New, In Stock

When describing a "Simple" series release from D3 Publisher, it's helpful to narrow the overall theme of the game to five words or less. The brevity is to get the point across quickly. In the case of The Shooting Action, our five words would be, "Poor Man's Senko no Ronde."

Similar to G.Rev's earlier action-packed effort, Dokodemo Asoberu is a one-vs-one shooting game which takes place in cramped quarters. The analog controller on the Nunchuk is used for movement while the Wiimote is the weapon of choice. Fire by pressing the "A" button and aim that firepower by waving the Wiimote around so that the blue onscreen cursor targets the general direction of your opponent. A dash move is activated by pressing the "C" button on the Nunchuk to speed away from ordnance.

Three game modes are playable including a Time Attack and a Nonstop Mode but it's all one-on-one shooting hysterics. Later levels add wrinkles to the game play including independent gunners that shoot indiscriminately, bumpers that knock a ship away, and black holes that suck ships into their centers and hold them immobile for a spell. Along with the earlier Simple Wii games, Dokodemo Asoberu marks the fourth release in a row that's playable, fun, and somewhat addictive.

Transformers Encore Vol. 5 and Vol. 6 - New, In Stock

The Generation 1 toy assault continues with the release of Transformers Encore #5 and #6 a few days ago in Japan. In vehicle form, both Transformers take on the appearance of a van from the era of the early 80s with a single racing stripe on the side. We were expecting fake wood paneling in the interiors but no dice on that front.

Transformers Encore 5 - Ironhide
In the G1 cartoons, Ironhide was a boxy robot who served as Optimus' bodyguard and served as security detail for the Autobots HQ on Earth. He looked like a normal robot so why does Ironhide's "robot" form in Encore 5 appear to be an abomination of disheveled plastic that got mashed together? Ironhide doesn't even have a helm and a flat screen serves as a sort of head to peer into. In vehicle mode, Ironhide shifts into a Nissan Onebox Cherry Vanette.

Transformers Encore 6 - Ratchet
While the rest of the Autobots went to war, Ratchet stayed behind to tend to the wounded and/or wrecked returning warriors. Ratchet was able to mend damaged metal and reactivate robots like a champ. His skills were so renowned that his services were sought by Megatron, leader of the Decepticons to revive busted up member of his contingent. Similar to Ironhide, Ratchet in robot mode is a mishmash of plastic with a windshield but he's an ambulance in vehicle mode.

Both toys are made of ABS plastic but the fender and bits on each robot's chest are made of diecast metal. Each package also includes with a card, instructions, three silvery missiles and a silvery cannon accessory.

Transformers Music Label [Blaster Black] New, In Stock

In the Transformers animation series, the robot known as Soundwave was a high-level Decepticon who specialized in communications. To bolster his abilities, Soundwave was able to transform from a boxy robot to a cassette deck. That's right, a cassette deck which was the music player of choice about 30 years ago.

In the Transformers Music Label Soundwave product, the Decepticon skips the CD-Rom generation and leaps right into SD Memory. Pop a 1GB (or lower) miniSD card filled with MP3s into the center slot and Soundwave will play them in either robot mode of cassette mode. The MP3 player will play for approximately 6 hours on a single AAA battery.

Edo Bunka Rekishi Kentei DS - Preorder, Ships on Mar 13

Learn about old Edo, the original name of the capital of Japan which is now known as Tokyo. Take virtual tours, learn about the culture, and view important landmarks. Once you've absorbed enough information, test your proficiency by answering questions in a quiz format exercise. In addition to the scholastic appeal, there's a few mini-games to whittle away the time whilst learning about olden Tokyo.

Petit Four - Preorder, Ships on Feb 28, 2007

When the hero's gramps falls ill and unwillingly abandons his restaurant, it's up to a lad named Kanzaki to take up the slack. By using management skills and cooking savvy, Kanzaki marshalls a crew of workers to save the eatery from bankruptcy. All preorders will ship with a bonus voice drama CD in 100% ratio.

Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 32 Phantasy Star Complete - Preorder

Return to the Algol Star System and revisit world spanning adventures with characters such as Alis, Lutz, Nei, Rolf, and others. It's been over two decades since Phantasy Star first appeared so join Sega in celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Phantasy franchise. The game was originally released for the SG-1000 Mark III on December 20, 1987 and for the Sega Master System one year later. Phantasy Star Complete Collection includes the following games on a single Playstation 2 CD:

Phantasy Star
Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star III
Phantasy Star IV
Phantasy Star II Text Adventures (8 episodes)

Similar to other Sega Ages 2500 releases, a Gallery section on the CD includes scans of instruction manuals, artwork, and other presentations from the Phantasy Star historical record. A leaflet which contains information on the game will also be inserted inside every copy of the game. Preorders are welcome to ship on or around March 27, 2008 at US$28.90 per copy.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (Append Edition) - Preorder

When Arc System released GGXX Accent Core for the PS2 earlier this year, there was a flaw that wasn't debugged before the code went to production. Reports of the glitch appeared on Japanese gaming message boards soon after the game hit retailers. There was disappointment but no one grabbed a torch and threatened to storm the company's headquarters. Arc System didn't issue a recall (those things cost $$$) though they did post up an apology on their website to assuage the hurt feelings.

Months after the hiccup, Arc System finally "fixes" the problem with an append disc which includes new content to make it a worthwhile purchase. First off, two new characters rejoin the original roster - Kliff Undersn and Justice with their own unique storylines in the new story mode. Arc System touts that the spanking new Story Mode will feature voice acting and multiple scenarios which relay the unique tale of each GGXX fighter. A new Mission Mode has been added and the Gallery features one new cinema.

Please note that the GGXX Accent Core Plus Append Disc requires the original Guilty Gear XX AC game since it's only a data disc without the game engine. NCS is also accepting preorders for the full edition of GGXX AC Plus at a price of US$55. Both versions are scheduled to ship on Mar. 27, 2008.

Zenkoku Dekotora Matsuri - Preorder, Ships Feb 28, 2007

Hit the highways of Japan with a prettily painted truck and haul cargo from launching pad to destination. Healthy earnings allow a trucker to add even more elaborate designs to the trailer. Preorders will ship with a bonus "Art Circle" miniature toy truck with wheels in 100% ratio.

Raiden Fighters Aces - Preorder, Ships on March 27, 2008

Taito snubs the Playstation 2 and readies Raiden Fighters Aces for the Xbox 360 instead. The compilation features three vertical coin-op shooters as follows:

» Raiden Fighters
» Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive
» Raiden Fighters Jet

For the uninitiated, Raiden Fighters is the natural progression of the Raiden series with new ships, powerful upgradeable weaponry, and the ability to use the mighty Judge Spear from the Viper Phase 1 game. The first printing of Raiden Fighters Aces will include a bonus "The Onslaught: Raiden Fighters Special Edition" Master Play DVD which captures the deft skills of a gamer who blows through the Raiden Fighters games with perfect precision and expert maneuvers.

Preorders are welcome to ship on March 27, 2007.

General Updates

One New Release
Only one new import is expected this week - NDS Rune Factory 2 which is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. No new USA software releases are on tap for this week.
Some Japanese toy shipments may also make it in over the next few days including the long-awaited Starwars R2D2 Speakers and the Starwars Room Light and we'll update accordingly once they arrive.
New Year 2008
Another year's in the bag as of tonight. Looking ahead to 2008, soothsayers appear to foresee an increase in water-based calamity. As long as NYC isn't submerged under a tidal event, we should be okay. We'll post a yearly outlook on February 7 when the Lunar New Year hits.
NCS wishes everyone a Happy New Year - we'll be on hiatus tomorrow but normal trading will resume on Wednesday.
Holiday in Japan
Most of our suppliers and distributors in Japan started their New Year's holiday over the weekend and they'll be closed for business until January 6, 2008. We'll rely on a few hustlers in Japan and Hong Kong who work through all holidays and will be able to ship Rune Factory 2 to us on time and without delay.