Thursday, May 06, 2010

NDS Keshikasu-kun - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» The Japanese manga and television hero named Keshikasu-kun is a chalk-colored eraser who talks with a gruff voice and owns a pair of bulging eyes. Those kinds of eyes are known as "crazy eyes" and they're found on humans as well. Usually humans of the female gender.
In the upcoming Keshikasu-kun video game from Konami, an incident at school caused by a dark lord sends Keshikasu on a mission of discovery, exploration, and 100 mini-games. The chalk-colored eraser engages in various events and battles rival stationary products such as pencils, paperclips, rubber stamps, and other uppity instruments from stores named Office Depot and Staples. In addition to using the stylus to smack down enemies, Keshikasu-kun occasionally requires a burst of air in some mini-games and that's your cue to blow into the microphone with gale-force winds. Preorders are welcome to ship on July 15, 2010.

PSP The Conveni Portable - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Know this, all ye patrons of corn chips, instant sandwiches, cigarettes and soda pop: Purveying to the likes of you ain't easy. Long store hours, keeping salty snacks in stock, and watching out for shoplifters all conspire to rob convenience store proprietors of profit, hair and patience. Those who are successful in running a 7-11 or a mom 'n pop deli enjoy elusive profits but the struggle goes on day after day.

Returning to the market for another round, The Conveni Portable is based on The Conveni 3 which was released on the PS2 nearly 7 years ago. In the game, players navigate the woolly waters of convenience store economics where players attempt to balance the books by keeping customers happy with deft pricing strategy, proper product mix and sensible store decor. An advertising budget may help attract night crawlers to your domain but getting the word out is costly and takes away from the bottom line. To add to the strife, rival convenience chains and shops jockey for potential customers with marketing tactics of their own.

Seasonal changes also require product overhauls as winter turns into summer and back again. New shopkeepers unschooled in the art of sales may engage the training mode which teaches convenience store 101. A licensing tie-in with the Lawson chain store franchise in Japan also allows players the option of managing of an actual Lawson store with trademark store designs, employee uniforms, and the big Lawson signage out in front. Preorders are welcome to ship on July 8, 2010 at JPY4800 or US$52.90 from NCS.

NEWS General Updates

NEWS Golden Week concludes
Some Japanese suppliers returned to their offices last night and the wheels of commerce are slowly grinding again. The rest of our vendors will be back at it tomorrow. The next few days are going to be quiet but restock orders should begin shipping from Tokyo on Friday and Monday. There isn't much new product being released next week but we'll post an update on Monday morning.
NEWS Plans for today
It's overcast and looks like rain in NYC so the plans for today include cleaning the parakeet cages, trying a short on BIDU which looks like the walking dead, and building the core position on S.