Tuesday, August 26, 2014

 COSPLAY Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce 2 Link & Ravio Boshi - Import Preorder $20.90

NCS Product Synopsis
  Don a Link or Ravio cap for the next Comic-Con or gaming convention and draw envious stares and desirous glares from the rabble in their raggedy homemade wearables that are a shadow of the official versions from Furyu. The caps measure 30cm across or 11.81" which should fit most human heads. Preorders are welcome to ship in late December 2014. 
Product Specs
Publisher: Furyu
Jan Code: AMU-PRZ6075
Territory/Language: Japan


 TOY Real Action Heroes #687 Lupin the 3rd - Import Preorder US$228.90 each

NCS Product Synopsis
   The live action movie incarnation of master thief Lupin the 3rd is given the Real Action Heroes figure treatment with a realistic rendition featuring actor Oguri Shun. Similar to previous Real Action Heroes, the Lupin may be posed in different postures to recreate action scenes from the movie. The figure measures 30cm or 11.81" tall and is packaged with a display stand. Preorders are welcome to ship in May 2015. 
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Medicom
Jan Code: 4530956106878
Sculpted head: Kyoichi Shimazaki
Parts cculpted by: PERFECT-STUDIO
Costume Producer: Yumiko Noda (Ge ing)

Territory/Language: Japan


 TOYS MAFEX Star Wars Stormtrooper - Import Preorder US$49.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   Stormtroopers are in play with Medicom's MAFEX Stormtrooper figures which measure 16cm or 6.29" tall and are jointed so their limbs may be posed in action stances. A mounting stand is included is posing purposes and preorders are welcome to ship in May 2015. 
Product Specs
Publisher: Medicom Toy
Jan Code: 4530956470108
Sculpted by Noiguramu & PERFECT-STUDIO
Territory/Language: Japan


 TOYS Batman Arkham Origins Play Arts Kai Joker - Import Preorder US$108.90

Product Synopsis
   The second wave of Play Arts ~KAI~ from 2013's smash hit Batman: Arkham Origins is here! His skin is so pale that it appears devoid of life and his blood-red lips look more like a gaping gash on his face than a mouth. These features combined with his madness exude an extremely eerie atmosphere. He puts his personal twisted spin on all the unfairness of the world, turning it into a dark, demented joke. He takes pleasure in plotting to kill the Batman, as if it were a game of cat and mouse. The Joker is the vilest and most powerful criminal Gotham City has ever seen. Stands nearly 11" H. Includes display stand.

   Preorders ship in late November 2014. 
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Square Enix
Jan Code: 4988601321198
Territory/Language: Japan


 TOYS Batman Arkham Origins Play Arts Kai Robin - Import Preorder US$109.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   The second wave of Play Arts ~KAI~ from 2013's smash hit Batman: Arkham Origins is here! Robin is a dynamic crime fighter: not only well-versed in handling any and all types of weaponry with exceptional shooting and martial arts skills, but also demonstrating a sharp detective's mind as an expert in criminology. Because of his exceptional talents, Robin's partner Batman has placed the utmost trust in him. He and Batman will fearlessly face off against the enemies that plot to create a "city of fear," destroying Gotham City™ as they know it. Stands more than 10-1/2" H. Includes display stand.

   Preorders ship in late November 2014. 
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Square Enix
Jan Code: 4988601321181
Territory/Language: Japan


 TOYS Lupin III Diecast Assembly Model Kit - Sale US$29.90

NCS Product Synopsis
Original Update:
March 23, 2004

«©NCSX» Lupin and Fujiko are featured in two diecast kits which require a little simple assembly to build them into complete and playable toys.

JAN Code: 4983164314748 

 TOYS Freddy vs Jason 12cm Figure - Sale US$29.90 Free Shipping in USA

NCS Product Synopsis  
Update: September 11, 2007
«©NCSX» You can't have a Horror Summer without bringing two of the scariest silver screen killers together in a figure offering. Freddy Kruegger wears his trademark claw-glove on his right hand while Jason Voorhees wields a blade capable of gutting fish, livestock, and the young adults engaging in relations scattered around the neighborhood.

   The clothing that the two murderers wear is also somewhat accurate replicas of their movie incarnations. Freddy's shirt looks right, his face is burned, and the hat is spot on. Jason's ski mask is recognizable but we would have dressed him in greasy rags instead of the sleek and shiny all-black ensemble. The figures measure 12cm (4.72") tall and their arms are posable.

 TOYS Freddy vs Jason Cosplayer Gear - Sale US$29.90 Free Shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
 September 11, 2007
«©NCS» If you've ever had the inclination to don a battle-weary hockey mask or wear a wicked-looking clawed glove, your chance is here. Continuing the Horror Summer theme, Sega releases two props for anyone aspiring to take on the personas of Freddy of Nightmare on Elm Street fame or Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movies.

   The claws look menacing but they're made of pliable plastic and are mounted onto a rugged gray glove that's for right-handed slashers. Sorry to all the lefties out there. The hockey mask measures 26cm (10.23") tall and is affixed to a wearer's noggin by two straps. Through-holes are machined into the front of the to allow for gas exchange so the wearer doesn't suffocate. The left side of the "cheek area" of the mask is scarred and weathered which is a nice little extra detail. Gore-lovers can paint some extra red goo or maybe some chunky meat sauce onto the mask to give it additional authenticity.


 TOYS Freddy vs Jason Fighting Game - Sale US$18.90 Free Shipping within USA

Product Synopsis
NCS Update
: September 11, 2007
«©NCSX» Freddy, meet Jason and Jason, meet Freddy. What happens when two unstoppable forces of nature stand on the same stage and slash away at the air? Answer: Not Much.
   Despite being titled a Freddy vs Jason Fighting Game, the two killers actually stand cheek to cheek (the lower cheeks) and face away from each other. A little lever on the side of each figure may be toggled to make Freddy and Jason tilt to and fro in an apparent lunge move... away from each other. We don't see the point of non-confrontation but the toy should prove to be some kind of collectible decades in the future.


 HOME Star Wars Light Saber Kei Oritatami Kasa - Sale US$28.90 Free Shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
June 25, 2010

«©NCSX» A few years ago, NCS stocked a Star Wars Light Saber Umbrella from Happinet that can best be described as a "big ass umbrella" which featured an image of Darth Vader. As summer rolls around, Taito releases another Star Wars umbrella which is the telescoping type. In its native form, the umbrella measures a mere 30cm (11.81") in length but pull on the shaft and the umbrella shoots upwards and outwards in a rain-shielding polyester bloom that measures 95cm or 37.40" in diameter. Three images are printed onto the fabric of the umbrella: the Death Star, an X-Wing Fighter, and the Millennium Falcon.

    The Star Wars Umbrella is colored black but the dust bag that covers the umbrella is available in either red or green. Please choose the color by selecting from the dropdown menu. New orders are welcome.