Monday, January 14, 2008

The Legend of Kage 2 - Preorder, Ships on March 13, 2008

Ninja shenanigans resume this Spring when Taito revives The Legend of Kage for a new generation of gamers. Players control a bare-chested ninja who jumps across obstacles and throws stars at fiends to dispatch them. The game utilizes both NDS screens for an vertical aspect gaming experience where enemy ninjas attack from above and from the sides. Early screenshots for Kage 2 are reminiscent of a game known as Ninja Spirit from Irem back in the day. We'll post up a full game synopsis when we get a chance to check it out. Preorders are welcome today.

Kidou Senshi Gundam OO - Preorder, Ships on Mar 20, 2008

Sunrise launched a new animated series dubbed Gundam OO in Japan on October 6, 2007 and Bandai follows up with an NDS action game based on the new animation. Taking place in the year 2307 A.D., a quartet of mech handlers known as Gundam Meisters lead an initiative to end a war that's wrecking their planet.

The NDS game features 3D action where newtype Gundam mechs speed off into 3D environments and hack/slash/blast at enemy forces. A variety of missions which feature targeted objectives mix up the action so that it's not just run 'n gun. There's also "fight and find" and "escort and protect" missions to contend with.

According to the preorder solicitation, early reservations will ship with a bonus Gundam EXIA FG Color 1/144 scale PVC toy in 50% ratio. Preorders are welcome to ship on March 20, 2008 at JPY4800 or US$45.90 from NCS.

Postpet Onna no Asashoku Cereal Dispenser - Preorder

There is no need in this world for Taito's Postpet Cereal Dispenser. None. You want some cereal? Pour it out of the box into a bowl. Close the box, lift up your spoon, and start masticating.

A cereal dispenser just adds an unnecessary step to the cereal consumption process. Maybe that's why Taito also touts the ability to use the dispenser to serve gumballs, dogfood, and any other form of "pelleted" or "flaked" product. A crank located on the front of the unit may be spun to release a portion of its contents. If you need more, continue cranking until your bowl is full. Available in either white or black PVC plastic. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late April 2008.

Ninja Reflex - Preorder, Ships on March 27, 2008

Ninja clans are made up of a skilled warriors who wear dark clothing and hide their faces behind hoods. If you aspire to join their ranks, you'll need training in order to hone your skills to a razor sharp edge. Normally, you'd need a letter of introduction and some blood ties to a ninja clan to learn their secrets but there's an easier way.

Ninja Reflex from Electronic Arts features six training exercises where virtual ninja get to slash a katana, throw stars at invaders, catch flies with chopsticks, and catch koi with bare hands. Preorders are welcome today. NCS is also accepting preorders for a Nintendo DS version of the game.

Trading Figure Offer #2 - Scattered Stock Clearance

Looking over our candy toy and trading figure section in the warehouse two weeks ago, we noticed lots of partial boxes of toys. Some boxes had three pieces remaining out of the original ten and others were just missing a couple of units. Since we'll probably be moving premises again in 2010, we figured now would be a good time to start clearing out the bits and pieces of inventory that we find loitering around in storage. Our second trading toy offer for 2008 is as follows:

» Onegai Teacher One Coin Figures [1 piece]
» SIF G-Taste Wave 1 Trading Figure [1 piece]
SIF Rurouni Kenshin Series 2 Trading Figure [1 piece]

Each toy is factory sealed and packaged with a random figure. Think of it as a surprise when you open your shipment and rip open the three cardboard boxes to discover what you got.

Pricing is set at US$15.00 per set of three toys as shown which includes shipping by U.S. Postal Service Media Mail which generally delivers in 5-10 business days. «View larger photos and additional details for this offer

Japanese Import Outlook - Arrivals on Wed-Thurs

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USA Release Outlook - Arrivals on Tues-Thurs

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