Tuesday, February 04, 2020

 TOYS Popmart Pucky Sweet Babies Series - Import Preorder US$108.90

Product Synopsis
    POPMART presents the PUCKY Sweet Babies, a collaboration product between POPMART of China, a leading designer and toy manufacturer and PUCKY of Hong Kong toy designer. Enjoy the dessert party of cute little fairies who have been transformed into various sweets such as ice cream and banana chocolate!

    The complete set of figures are:

 » Little Bee Baby
 » Ice Cream Baby
 » Strawberry Baby
 » Banana Baby 
 » Mochi Baby 
 » Egg Baby 
 » Marshmallow Baby 
 » Candy Alien 
 » Donut Shop Baby
 » Coco Poko
 » Unicorn Jello
 » Rainbow Cream Baby

    Preorders are welcome to ship in late March 2020.
 Product Specs

 Publisher: POPMART
 Dimension: H75-80mm (2.95-3.14")
 Material: PVC
 Product SKU: 6941448601210
 Japanese Title: POPMART PUCKY スイートベイビーズシリーズ

 Territory/Language: Japan