Thursday, March 06, 2008

Doraemon Nobita to Midori no Kyojinden DS - New, In Stock

A new Doraemon animated movie bows in Japan this weekend and Sega ships an accompanying NDS game a couple of days before the film goes wide. In Doraemon Nobita to Midori no Kyojinden DS, Doraemon and his master Nobita collaborate in a platform action game where trademark gadgets and tools are used to navigate through obstacles and chasms. Along with the side scrolling stages, players will also get to enjoy seven mini-games which feature challenges inspired by the upcoming movie. In one mini-game, Doraemon tethers a balloon to his nose so that he can take flight. By blowing on the NDS' microphone, players provide the lift so Doraemon can sail. An item synthesis system allows new gadgets to be created by combining ingredients in a versatile oven.

Flower, Sun, and Rain - New Import, In Stock

Detective Sumio Mondo has been hired by the manager of a resort known as Flower, Sun, and Rain which sits in the middle of the Lospass island paradise. According to the manager Ed Macalister, there's been a terrorist threat at Lospass Airport but once Sumio enters the resort, he's badgered by hotel guests who request his assistance. Tied up with the rabble, Sumio misses his trip to the airport and a plane explodes while flying over Lospass. The next day, Ed Mcalister calls Sumio to wake him up. The private dick soon discovers that the plane hasn't blown up yet and he's been shunted in a sort of time warp. Each day that Sumio endeavors to intercept the plane's departure, obstacles pop up which prevent his trip to the airport. What is the wrinkle that'll break the time loop?

Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan! - New Import, In Stock

Take away the natty Yakuza suits, extinguish the neon lights of Kamurocho, and dock a few centuries to arrive in 17th century Kyoto where the latest installment of Ryu Ga Gotoku opens up. Kiryuu Kazuma reprises his role by retro-rocketing back to Edo era Japan where he works as a hired gun who tackles assignments for any client willing to pay. Kiryuu is hiding a secret identity however. He's really the legendary Miyamoto Musashi who's now living under an assumed name. One day, an orphaned girl visits Kiryuu and hires him to avenge the death of her parents with one simple request, "Please kill Miyamoto Musashi."

Sega fleshes out the world of old Kyoto with locales and structures to exacting detail for an engaging gaming experience. Players may visit soba shops in Gion District, trek to Kiyomizu Temple in eastern Kyoto, or visit the magnificent expanse that is Nij┼Ź Castle. Similar to previous games in the series, Kiryuu gets to do a lot of fighting in 3D bouts tinged with heat.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan! + 40GB PS3 - New Import, In Stock

Gamers yearning to play the latest Ryu Ga Gotoku game who still haven't picked up a Playstation 3 yet are in luck. Sega bundles together everything you need to play the game in a convenient package as follows:

» Playstation 3 Console with 40GB HDD in Satin Silver color
» Copy of Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan! in normal retail packaging
» Silver SixAxis wireless controller
» Ryu Ga Gotoku decal

All preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan! Soundtrack - New Import, In Stock

Sega's Ryu Ga Gotoku game gave players a peek at the drama, tribulations, and inner workings of the Yakuza. The first two games were well received by the gaming public so a third game subtitled "Kenzan" ships to market this week.

The music in the Ryu Ga Gotoku games help to give key scenes a sense of urgency and just the right amount of melodrama to set the mood. As Spring rolls around, Sega collects 31 pieces of music from the new Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan! game on a single CD for easy listening. Tracks include "Blood Maker," "Takumi," "Daiwa Dance Music," "Sword Play," "Masochism," "Platonic Love," and many more. The CD spans 73 minutes of music.

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption - New Import, Restock Soon

From the Publisher
Six months have passed since the events on the planet Aether. The Galactic Federation's network computers, Aurora Units, are suddenly and completely corrupted with something like a virus, and only quick action saves the entire network from going down. The Federation believes Space Pirates may be behind the problem and, beginning with Samus, starts to contact bounty hunters.

Game Features
» Truly feel what it is to be the bounty hunter behind the visor.

» Players become Samus with the Wii controls. By moving around with the Nunchuk and aiming Samus' gun with the Wii Remote, players do more than look through the eyes of Samus - they experience a quantum leap in first-person control. Fire on the run, grapple enemies and yank off their shields or manipulate machinery with movements of the Nunchuk and Wii Remote - it all adds up to a level of immersion only possible on Wii, and the best first-person controls on any platform, period.

Nobunaga no Yabou: Kakushin with Power-Up Kit - New Import

Originally released for the Japanese PC in September 2007, Koei's latest Nobunaga no Yabou game reaches the PS2 and Wii this week. As the game opens up, the influence of the West has begun to exert its pull on the affairs of Japan. The British, the Dutch, the Portuguese, and the Spaniards have brought technology as well as military might to the shores of Nihon. Whereas the armies of Japan once relied on swords and melee weapons of every sort, firearms changed the entire face of war. A properly equipped battalion armed with sufficient firepower would be able to mow down much larger armies equipped only with conventional arms.

Similar to previous games in the Nobunaga no Yabou series, players take control of a territory and use resource management, military savvy, and interpersonal skills to maintain an overlord's grip on the kingdom. To secure secret information, ninjas may be sent out to scout enemy strongholds while a core group of loyal generals must be maintained to control the troops. The game starts off slowly at first as buildings are constructed, alliances are made, and resources are marshaled. When the Western powers make their move, he who barters for their guns first gains an upper hand over all neighboring powers...

My Stylist - New Import, In Stock

Not sure if brown corduroys go with a pink belly shirt? Sony's My Stylist will tell you and coordinate the clothing in your closet to boot. Think of it as a personal style assistant that has the discerning eye of a fashion guru. The package includes a USB camera and the My Stylist software. Please note the USB camera included is the same camera (PSP-300X) that was bundled with Chotto Shot.
Five sections in the software help users categorize and create a database for their clothes, shoes, and accessories as follows:

» Entry / Take photographs of your clothes and store them by season, category, brand, color, type, and sleeve if applicable.
» Closet / Check what's in your closet by viewing your personal database that was created in the "Entry" section.
» Stylebook / View pairings of clothes (tops, bottoms, shoes) and accessories that are recommended by the My Stylist software.
» Calendar / Put together daily schedules of clothes to wear depending on the weather, your mood, and friends you'll possibly meet up with.
» Etc / Personal Color Chart and Fashion Dictionary

An added advantage of the My Stylist software: You'll be able to snap photographs of clothing in magazines and then add them to your database to see which pieces in your wardrobe would mesh with them.

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street - New

With Square and Enix now joined as one corporate entity, the company is free to parlay their highly recognizable characters into an enjoyable board game brimming with mini-games and interactions. Bringing together their two biggest franchises, heroes and legends from Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are assembled together in a Hall of Fame game of sorts. Appearances by notables such as Cloud, Sephiroth, Yuna, Paine, Rikku, Yuffie, Toruneco, Chocobo, Mog, Blue Slime, and many many more provide hilarity, familiarity, and pleasure all at once.

The aim of the board game behooves players to roll the die and ramble around a map in order to procure more land, capital, and shares of stock than the competition. As play boards are conquered, gamers graduate to new stages where more challenges and wrinkles await. The default single-player game is Tournament Mode where players select an available character from DQ or FF, a stage to play upon, and then spin a slot machine to determine who rolls the die and moves first, second, third, and fourth. Once the game starts, four heroes spin the dice and move around in hop-step fashion. In addition to dice action, there's also the ability to check the asset levels of everyone in the game, purchase property, enhance the value of a property, buy stock, etc. When competitors land on properties owned by the player, they'll have to pay a levy before moving along with a lighter pocket.

Sony PSP Memory Stick Duo 32MB - Clearance Sale

Store your PSP save-game data on an official Sony Memory Stick Duo which holds about 29MB after being formatted. Since this is an official Sony memory stick, it features MagicGate copyright protection technology. We pulled the memory sticks from some PSP Value Packs that we disassembled and deconstructed a few years ago. We have about 30 sticks in stock and they're all new and sheathed in a little plastic sleeve.

NCS Sale Offering

Pricing per Memory Stick Duo 32M is set at US$16.00 which includes free shipping by USPS Media Mail. [Larger photos]