Friday, January 12, 2007

Battle of Yu Yu Hakushou: Shitou! Ankoku Bujutsukai 120%

Yusuke Urameshi and Kazuma Kuwabara lead a cast of 19 characters in a 2D fighting game that features 3D evasive maneuvers. Originally released in Japanese arcades in September 2006, the game makes a hurried conversion to the PS2 at a fraction of the coin-op kit's cost. Note that operators had to pony up about US$2500 for this System-258 kit and many are still trying to recoup that investment...

The PS2 port of The
Battle of Yu Yu Hakushou features the standard Battle Mode from the arcade version and also throws in a Story Mode, Versus Mode, Survival Mode, Training Mode and Special Mode. If you've a hankering for viewing Yu Yu Hakusho artwork and listening to voice samples at the same time, the Special Mode is where it's at.

As mentioned earlier, TBoYYH is a 2D fighting game that set against the backdrop of the Dark Tournament. Cel-shaded combatants face off against each other on a platform and kick, punch, and throw off spirit attacks that crackle on screen. At the outset, a total of 15 fighters are selectable from the roster menu but an additional 4 brawlers may be unlocked to join in on the action. The d-pad is used for movement and pushing the face buttons triggers punches, kicks, blocks, and spirit power. «NCS Game Notes»

Fewture EX Gokin Tachikoma

Fewture has updated their preorder information for the long awaited diecast or EX Chogokin Tachikoma. The measurement for the Tachikoma is listed at 15.50cm or roughly 6.00" in length and the price is set at JPY14,000. Preorders are welcome starting today to ship in mid-late May 2007.

Since there's a Good Smile Company version of the Tachikoma (diecast + ABS) that's also shipping in May 2007 at a slightly higher price of JPY17,800, we're still undecided on which version to focus on. The GSC version also includes a Motoko Kusanagi figure which may be encased within the canopy of the Tachikoma so it might get our vote for stocking larger quantities.

Please note that NCS is currently only accepting preorders for the Fewture version of the diecast Tachikoma but we'll update our site once GSC confirms and starts preorders for their diecast Tachikoma.

Mana Kazama 3D Mousepad

In the Yakin Byoutou 2 animation, nurse-in-training Mana Kazama is an innocent young woman who just wants to help patients. Mana signs up for an internship at a hospital and is charged with taking care of a deranged patient named Wataru Mizukawa.

In his previous life, Wataru was a doctor who suffered unrequited love towards Ren Nanase of the original Yakin Byoutou. After Wataru discovers Ren's corruption at the hands of the sadistic Ryuji Hirasaka, he goes mad and is admitted to the hospital. When he meets Mana, he notices her strong resemblance to Ren and plans his twisted machinations...

Japanese manufacturer Toys Planning has started preorders for a Mana Kazama 3D mousepad which ships next month. Similar to the Rio 3D mousepad that was released a few month ago, the "3D" portion refers to the "bosom" that protrudes from the mousepad. We hear that the pillow-like appendages help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. The mousepad measures 240 × 290 × 45 mm and the bosom contains soft-gel filling.

Mana Kazama Huggable Pillow

Toys Planning released a Ren Nanase Reversible Huggable Pillow last year which featured the infamous nurse of the Yakin Byouyou animation. This year, the company follows up with a Mana Kazama Reversible Huggable Pillow where the Ren look-alike lies prone and seemingly positioned in a defenseless posture.

The "Reversible" bit in the product title refers to the two different images on each side of the pillow. On the top side, Mana is in her crisp nurse uniform. On the flipside, Mana's bosom is revealed and her nurse uniform has been hiked up a tad to reveal white skivvies underneath. Similar to the Ren Nanase Pillow, the Mana version measures 107cm x 45cm or 42.12" long by 17.71" wide. It's also thick and fluffy and filled with stuffing inside.

Pricing for the polyester pillow is set at JPY8400 or US$119 from NCS - the premium is due to the hefty shipping charges for this very large item. Toys Planning is supplying a Mana Kazama Pillow Case which slips over the pillow to protect it from damage at JPY5800 or US$55.