Thursday, February 11, 2010

NDS Dragon Ball DS 2: Totsugeki! Red Ribbon Gun - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» In the first Dragon Ball DS game, Goku teamed up with a green-haired lassie named Bulma to find the rest of the Dragon Balls that they didn't already have. Their adventure took them all the way up to the World Martial Arts Tournament where Earth's mightiest fighters competed for a grand prize of 500,000 zeni. After the events of Dragon Ball DS, lil' Goku is still in the hunt for the Dragon Balls and his travels take him directly into the warpath of a military group known as the Red Ribbon Army. Led by a diminutive warrior named Commander Red who suffers from little-man-complex, the Army is also looking for the Dragon Balls but Commander Red has ulterior motives for their use... which ultimately leads to his doom.
As a bonus, Bandai includes the original Famicom Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo game which features real old school graphics and sound.

NDS Lupin Sansei: Shijou Saidai no Zunousen - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Test your IQ with the help of Lupin, Jigen, Fujiko, and Goemon. Instead of standard word-based or mathematical questions, Lupin Sansei features visual puzzles which require a certain minimum IQ to complete. How do we know this? Because before each puzzle starts, an IQ ranking is shown - for example an IQ Level of 105 is necessary in order to complete a laser matching game where Katakana writing on the top must be matched with writing on the bottom to link lasers. Are the puzzles intuitive for non-Japanese language readers? No, many of the puzzles require that players understand a rudimentary level of Katakana in order to successfully navigate through the various challenges. The settings where the puzzles are presented in the game include a mansion, a museum, and more.

Wii Zangeki no Reginleiv - New Import, Restock Soon

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The giants are on the march against the sons of man in Midgard and there will be blood. Lots of it. Although the humans are resourceful and somewhat intelligent, they're no match for the brute power of the giants and their overlords. To lend humanity a helping hand, Odin sends two gods to Midgard - siblings named Freyr and Freyja who are skilled with sword and bow. Slim of stature and powerful in their own right, the two gods lead the humans and their allies on action-packed campaigns against the giants.

Zangeki no Reginleiv is a 3D run and slash game which uses both Nunchuk and Wii Remote to perform the necessary attacks against the giants. The game is broken up into missions where the aim is invariably killing and the wholesale destruction of giants and any creatures that pose a threat. Players may choose between Freyr or Freyja (they're selectable before almost every mission) and accompany a group of human warriors against enemy forces. In the first mission, Freyr and a bunch of soldiers protect a village from an invasion of giants. When the mission starts, Freyr runs behind the soldiers and the enemies may be seen in the distance pounding and stomping on hapless villagers. Once the battle is joined, Freyr and friends slash, thrust, and literally sever the giants into hunks of meat. Reginleiv is a gore-fest and the bloodthirsty will find the sight of spraying blood and hacked off limbs sweet solace. «NCS Game Notes»

NEWS Snowstorm, New York City - Redux

Shoveling Snow in NYC - 11:23AM
«©NCSX» The snow got so bad yesterday that UPS didn't even send out any trucks onto the roads in our area. As such, we didn't receive any parcels nor were we able to ship anything out yesterday. As an aside, our mail was delivered on Wednesday thanks to an invincible postal worker and we were able to drop off some postal packages at the post office.

The snow fell until late last night but it has stopped as of this morning so standard UPS and USPS shipping should resume today. The roads are passable although there's still a lot of sooty slush everywhere which makes driving a drag. If there are any issues with shipping this afternoon that pop up later today, we'll post another update.