Thursday, September 24, 2009

TOYS Iron Man Mark 3 Battle Damaged Version - Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Tony Stark machine-tooled Iron Man's MK3 armor in his workshop and it rolled off the assembly line with a nice and shiny patina. Dazzling almost. However, it didn't stay like that for long since Iron Man is a target of evildoers and bad guys. Hot Toys is releasing a "Battle Damage" version of Iron Man where the natty suit of armor has been pockmarked and scarred with buckshot, scrapes, and unsightly dents. The 30cm posable figure is part of the Movie Masterpiece Series so it's assured to be of high quality. Preorders are welcome to ship in January 2010 at JPY22858 or US$249.

TOYS Spice and Wolf 2 Toy Works Collection - Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» The second season of Spice and Wolf started earlier this summer and the adventures of Horo and Lawrence Croft continued onwards. Toy manufacturer Chara-Ani has started preorders for a set of trading figures which feature multiple versions of Horo, one version of Lawrence, and one toy which represents a lad named Fermi Amati. Each figure measures 7cm or 2.75" tall and each factory case of 12 toys will include eight regular figures along with a secret figure and duplicates. Preorders ship in December 2009.

TOYS Chubby Star Wars Matryoshka Series 2 - Shipping

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Back in the summer of 2007, Hot Toys of Hong Kong released the Chubby Star Wars Matryoshka Series 1 and captured the hearts of Star Wars fans across the globe. Since success begets success, Hot Toys releases a new set of toys dubbed the Chubby Star Wars Matryoshka Series 2. If successful, NCS expects a third Chubby Star Wars series in short order.

Hailing from Mother Russia, matryoshka are better known as nesting dolls in the West which consist of a large figurine which cracks open to contain a smaller doll which in turn cracks open to contain an even smaller doll. The Star Wars matryoshki keeps the diminishing scale simple at three dolls although it's not uncommon for some nesting dolls to hold 6-8 figures. The characters featured in Chubby Series 2 are as follows:

Stormtrooper/Clone Troopers [Jan Code: 4897011171791]
An Imperial Stormtrooper serves as the largest figure followed by two Republic Clone Troopers. Each trooper carries an armament across its chest and peers into the world with solemn soulless eyes.

Jango Fett/Boba Fett [Jan Code: 4897011171807]
Since Jango is the father figure, he's the primary nesting doll which houses a Boba Fett figure in full armor with blaster rifle followed by a Boba Fett as a child. Even as a kid, Boba had trouble written all over his face.

Luke Skywalker [Jan Code: 4897011171814]
In the Star Wars movies, viewers watched Luke grow from punk kid to mighty Jedi master. Luke's Chubby turn features his Jedi incarnation as the lead followed by Luke in Bespin uniform and Luke as a lad on Tatooine.

Princess Leia [Jan Code: 4897011171838]
Leia with the duo-donuts hairstyle is missing from this trio but you'll have to be content with Leia as Boushh the Bounty Hunter, Leia from her experience on Endor, and Leia when she was a guest of Jabba the Hut.

Preorders for the Chubby Star Wars Series 2 figures listed above have begun shipping as of yesterday. There are two more figures which haven't arrived yet (Starfighter Pilots and Ewoks) but they're expected soon.

NEWS General Updates

PS3 Afrika - USA
The North American localization of Afrika is expected on October 6. If two weeks is too much of a wait for you to go on your own virtual safari, the Korean (English) version of the game is in stock at US$33.90.
PS3 Demon's Souls - USA
The Asian version of Demon's Souls sold out again earlier this week but the North American version is expected on October 6. NCS is currently accepting reservations for the regular edition and a limited edition.
PS3 Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition Bundle - Tokyo Game Show
The FFXIII Slim PS3 Bundle was announced at the TGS overnight and NCS expects to open up preorders on Monday of next week. The top of the console features a pink etching of Lightning looking towards the left whilst wielding a blade. Pricing is set at JPY41600 and depending on how far the dollar craters next week, the stateside retail price may hover at US$500.