Friday, September 19, 2008

General Updates

Shipments Still Left in Kentucky
Even though shipments were cleared through U.S. Customs on Wednesday afternoon, UPS continued to keep our Japan import packages in their Kentucky hub last night. The most recent package scans were at 1:09AM last night so we know they're still there. We've sent an inquiry to our service representative and we'll try to get the packages delivered tomorrow (Saturday) so we can ship preorders by Priority Mail.
Shooting Game Historica 2 SP - Arrived and Shipping
Yujin's Shooting Game Historica 2 SP boxes arrived earlier this morning and all preorders will ship today. As mentioned on Thursday, we are SOLD OUT of the boxes but we still have the Gashapon version of the toys in stock and available to ship today. Due to time constraints this morning, we'll post photos of the SP packaging on Monday's website update.
Idolmaster Figures
All preorders for the Max Factory Miki Hoshi Idolmaster figures will ship today. Since the toys arrived too late to make our update for today, we'll post product photos on Monday morning.
Space to be updated later if our shipments are finally dispatched from the UPS hub in Kentucky


Gpara DVD Magazine v2 for Japanese DVD - Clearance

Original Update: May 31, 2000

«©NCSX» Compatible with the PS2 or a Region 2 NTSC DVD Player, GPara Vol. 2 offers previews of 58 game titles due in June 2000 for all consoles.
The special game feature for the month is on Tekken Tag Tournament which spans three chapters. A general interseted chapter looks at the various cell phones available in the marketplace and the games that may be played on them.

A history section in the magazine checks out the orphaned consoles of today from the perspective of a horror-movie fan. The host of the feature wears a white robe that covers him completely which is reminiscent of a klansman's outfit. He later removes the robes to show that he's wearing Jason's hockey mask on his face. The feature starts with the Vectrex game system which is running a game called "Spike Hoppin" followed by a mention of the Atari Jaguar and the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

The CG Idol Collection features eye candy stills of Yuki Terai from Namco's Primal Image. «Larger Photos and additional details»