Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Disgaea 1/7 Scale Etna Figure - New Import, In Stock

In the Disgaea game, Etna leads the Prinnies with guile and two-faced ambition. She's another challenger to King Krichevskoy's throne but a competent Laharl player can wrestle her to his side as a supporter for proper ascension. On the other hand, an incompetent Laharl player will face death at Etna's hands. The ginger-haired demon is a memorable character for her impish ways and toy manufacturers have sculpted Etna in numerous poses and postures.

Griffon Enterprises throws their hat into the ring and sculpts the impish rabble rouser in an impish manner where Etna is apparently crawling towards the throne while peering out with her crimson peepers. Three bracelets are linked to the figure with two red ones around her wrists and a a silver ring locked around the vinyl noose around Etna's neck. Little bat wings protrude from her back and a wily tail snakes from beneath Etna's shiny black skirt. White dainties may be spied if you should decide to spin her around for a gratuitous view from behind. The figure is set at 1/7 scale and measures 11cm or 4.33" in length. Preorders
have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome to ship today at JPY5880 or US$68 from NCS. Product Jan Code: 4582221150918

Caltoy UJ Kaba Plush Doll - Preorder

In Japan, the word for "hippopotamus" is "kaba" or "カバ" but shorten it to "ka" or "" and you have the word for mosquito. In other words, the character "" is the difference between a 3000 lb mammal and a flyweight insect. Hippos are the transitional link between sea creatures and land animals. They share a common ancestor with whales and maybe that explains their affinity with water. Sega's upcoming Caltoy UJ Kaba plush celebrates the hippo with pastel blue and gray colored toys which measure a prodigious 50cm in length. Stubby legs, rosy cheeks, and four teeth each are notable body features. Preorders ship in June 2008.

Caltoy Cute Size Kaba Plush Doll - Preorder

If the proper-sized Caltoy UJ Kaba plush is too much to handle, there is another option - the "cute size" Caltoy Kaba. Identical to their bigger plush brethren in every way except for size, the smaller hippos measure a mere 15cm or 5.90" in length. The hippos also possess the same toothy grin, the stubby appendages, and most importantly - the same beady eyes that pierce the souls of men like ebon lamps. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late June 2008 at US$9.00 per plush.

Evangelion EX Daibouken Figure: Dark Brigade - Preorder

If Asuka Langley and Rei Ayanami were placed in a heroic quest situation somewhere in medieval Europe, this is how they would pan out:

» Asuka Langley - a ginger-maned warrior who slays foes with sword, spear, and axe. Stout of heart and fearless against the hordes opposing her, Asuka is nevertheless a lady.

» Rei Ayanami - Girls with blue hair aren't common around these parts but Rei's unique. Serving as a cleric with the ability to heal wounds and perhaps even raise the dead, Ms Ayanami is regarded as a saint of sorts.

Each figure measures 19cm or 7.48" tall and preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late June 2008 at US$18.90 per figure.

Real Action Heroes: Motoko Kusanagi - Preorder

Hailing from Masamune Shirou's epic Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society, Major Motoko Kusanagi is a cyborg under the employ of Public Security Section 9. Battle hardened, gritty, and full of spirit, Motoko is a reliable operative who gets important and meaty assignments from her overlords.

Medicom's Real Action Heroes: Motoko Kusanagi figure measures 30cm or 11.81" in height. Motoko wears a regulation-issue uniform that's form-fitting and sleek... which is important for avoiding snags when engaged in a mission. Accessories packed with the figure include a holster which is strapped to Motoko's leg, an SMG Uzi, and a mounting stand for display purposes. Preorders ship in late August 2008.

Puzzle Bobble Mini for Neo-Geo Pocket - Clearance

The classic bobble shooting game hits the small screen of the Neo Geo Pocket in vibrant color. Control mechanics are fluid as one pivots a cannon and aims for colored bobbles on the top of the screen. The gameplay requires the shooting of colored bobbles onto like-colored bobbles to knock them from their "perches." Taito challenges the Neo-Pocket player with an assortment of Taito characters in the VS mode which is played on a quaint split screen. In the regular puzzle game, the player shoots against time at an assortment of bobbles located at the top of the screen. Japan cartridge in plastic clamshell container.

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Pricing per copy of Puzzle Bobble Mini is set at US$12.90 which includes shipping by Media Mail within the USA.
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