Thursday, August 11, 2016

 PSV Macross Delta Scramble - Preorder US$60.90 each

Product Synopsis
   Take control of a Macross Valkyrie fighter and battle through 13 episodes of Macross Delta Scramble action where fighter, gerwalk, and battroid modes are used during skirmishes and all-out combat. A total of 20 tracks of music from the television anime are included in the game for audio accompaniment. In addition to the regular edition of the game, a limited sound edition which includes a total of 50 tracks of music. The first printing of the game includes a VF-31J Siegfried DLC in both regular and limited editions.

Preorders for the regular edition are welcome to ship in late December 2016. Reservations are also welcome for the Premium Sound Edition.

Product Specs

: Bandai Namco Games

Product SKU:
4573173308120 / VLJS-05095 | 4573173308137 / VLJS-05096
Japanese Title: マクロスΔスクランブル 通常版

Territory/Language: Japan