Friday, January 05, 2007

MGS Portable Ops Konamistyle Bundle

The Konamistyle Premium Edition of Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops includes the following items which are packaged in an unreasonably large cardboard box that's even bigger than the MGS3 Limited Edition carton:

» Camouflage-colored Playstation Portable unit (PSP-1000CA)
» MGS Portable Ops game with special variant cover (ULJM-05227)
» Pack of three limited edition Metal Gear Solid pins mounted on a placard
» Snakeskin original case “Skin of a Warrior” with dust bag
» Snakeskin original strap “Tail of a Killer” with dust bag
» Serially numbered Certificate of Authenticity (Only 2500 units produced)
» Metal Gear Portal business card

TOYS Light Weapons - Cultural Disparity

In the United States, toy weapons have pretty much been outlawed in the past few years. Someone carrying a plastic gun that's colored gunmetal black is likely to be shot by jittery gangsters or members of law enforcement. The potential of crushing product liability lawsuits have also put a damper on toy weaponry sales.

In Japan, toy weapons are still readily available for purchase and play. Carry a realistic toy gun into Akihabara and hardly anyone will assume it's real. Try the same stunt in the States and you might catch a cap or three. Epoch starts preorders for a set of "Light Weapons" such as knives, stars, and guns. The preorder sheet shows a thug in the background holding both a knife and a sword while looking evil. Due to the improbability of being able to sell these toys in the USA, NCS won't be importing this set.

General Updates

Next Week Preview
Most of our Japanese suppliers return from their holiday next week and new software shipments will resume by mid-week. The presales leader is PS2 The Battle of Yu Yu Hakushou: Shitou! Ankoku Bujutsukai 120% followed by NDS Tenohira Gakushuu: Zettai Onkan Training DS.
Springtime in January
Temperatures in NYC are 61˚ and balmy. Flowers are blooming and insects are buzzing, both tricked into early activity by the warm weather.