Thursday, June 17, 2010

X360 Xbox 360 250GB Console - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» The trend in consumer electronics is always geared towards slimmer, smaller, and sleeker. It's pretty much guaranteed that the tissue-box-sized Walkman (a Sony-manufactured personal cassette player from the 80s) will never return. So the trend goes with the new Xbox 360 which gets a smaller footprint, goes with a glossy black patina, and is fitted with PS3-ish touch-sensitive buttons. Inside, the console is built around the Valhalla motherboard which accommodates a 45nm chipset with an integrated CPU/GPU on a single silicon die. Additional features include a 250GB hard drive, built-in 2.4GHz 802.11n WiFi, and a single internal fan which translates to a quieter operating environment. The new chipset also means less heat and perhaps an end to the RROD that has sent many previous generation Xbox 360 consoles to... Valhalla.

Preorders for the Japanese Xbox 360 are welcome to ship next week. Please note NCS pricing reflects overnight shipping charges to import the consoles from Japan to the States.

X360 Xbox 360 Cable - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Transfer the precious data from your old Xbox 360 hard drive to the new Xbox 360 console with the Microsoft Xbox 360 Cable. Plug one end into the old drive, connect the other end to the new console and you're good to go. Once the data's transferred, you can sell the old Xbox to your cousin Timmy who's been eyeing it for the past year. Preorders are welcome to ship next week at JPY2000 or US$25.90 from NCS.

TOYS TFC Ikkitosen XX Mouyu 1/7 Scale Figure - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» The fourth season of the Ikkitousen animated series debuted in Japan earlier this year on Japanese television. Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutor follows the action-packed adventures of buxom schoolgirl warriors who battle other schoolgirls that hail from seven different academies. Kanu Unchou's the most popular girl from the Ikkitousen series but Hakufu Sonsaku and Ryomou Shimei also garner their fair share of fans. In the new season, Nanban High School's top girls are a ginger named Moukaku who possesses a pendulous bosom and her sister Mouyu who wears an eyepatch and has a crown of blue hair. Mouyu generally has a sneer on her face which fits well with her aggressive and vicious nature. Taki's rendition of Mouyu wears a sneer, an eyepatch, and her usual outfit which consists of shorts, a bra, and a billowy white jacket. A pair of black boots match the tint of her short shorts. Mouyu's belly is tatted and the figure is sculpted to 1/7 scale. Preorders are welcome to ship in late July 2010.

TOYS TFC Dream Club Riho Futaba Figure - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» The hostesses in the Dream Club Xbox 360 game have one job and one job only: separate customers from their money. By being somewhat charming and willing to imbibe libations with their nightly clients (on the customer's tab), the hostesses chat, perform karaoke, and provide a few hours of companionship. Lonely salarymen are easy targets but most busters male patrons can be convinced to part ways with their cash by a pretty face. Another one of the hostesses who works in Dream Club gets immortalized in polystone later this year - Riho Futaba who was a star in her own right by appearing in numerous Simple 2000 games including the unforgettable The Daibijin where she's a giantess with a bad attitude.

The Riho fixed-pose figure is sculpted to 1/7 scale and is dressed in an improvised maid's outfit. She's doing her karaoke and appears to be staring blankly at something in the distance. The figure is mounted on a circular stand labeled with the Dream Club logo. Preorders ship in July.