Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last Bullet - New Import, Restock Soon

«©NCSX» Hibiki Karin isn't your average sniper. She doesn't wear fatigues, eye paint, or peer into an unnaturally large scope. Hibiki is a seemingly normal girl who attends Aoba University but she's been pushed into the sniping life by circumstances beyond her control. As if to accentuate how much of a normal girl Hibiki is, the first shooting exercise in the game is of the carnival variety where toy prizes including a teddy bear are shot at with a toy rifle. Hibiki's handler is a bespectacled man named Tsukasa Sakuma who gives her missions and objectives to accomplish. In the first proper mission, Hibiki's target is an enemy operative's weapon which he holds upright in front of his face. If Hibiki fires and hits the operative instead, it's a failed mission. We found that moving the scope ahead and waiting for the operative to come into view before shooting resulted in an S ranking for destroying the hapless agent's weapon.

Dun-Dam: Dungeons & Dam - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» A blade-wielding brunette named Shion and a ginger known as Vier are part of a vanguard force who destroys robots and monsters with weapons and water. They control a cylindrical dam which is capable of pouring out streams of rushing water which washes away monsters who are burrowing in the tunnels below. These creatures are invading the overworld but that can't be allowed to continue. By opening the spigot at opportune moments, the party has an unstoppable force at their disposal to rid the world of invaders. At the outset of the game, the player's party performs sentry duties on three locations to protect the city walls from attacks. Close combat is used in the beginning since the dam isn't ready yet. After each successful stint, a character interaction sequence opens up which relays some background information and moves the story along.

General Updates

NEWS Demon's Souls (Asian Version) Update
We're filling backorders for Demon's Souls tomorrow according to the time frames listed in the product description on our shop. As mentioned earlier, new orders that are placed now will not ship until mid-late May when the next production of the game is finished. There is NO surplus stock being printed by Sony and it appears that they're only producing enough to fill confirmed orders from dealers. I.e, if a vendor doesn't submit an order weeks in advance, they're not getting any from each production run.
X360 Japanese Jasper Consoles Restocked
Backorders for Japanese Xbox 360 consoles with the Jasper chipset and HDMI port (XGX-00045 | Jan Code: 4988648647732) will ship today. We have a small surplus for new orders but if we sell out again, we expect another batch within 4-7 business days. Please note that Falcon-chipset Xbox 360 Arcade bundles are no longer available for restock and all inventory that we'll be stocking henceforth will be Jaspers.