Wednesday, March 23, 2016

 TOYS New Color Game Award 50 - New Import US$29.90/each

Product Synopsis
   Tuck into a handheld game for the night which contains a total of fifty 8-bit games suitable for a few seconds or even a few minutes of mirth at a time. The front of the handheld features four directional buttons on the left and four action buttons on the right. Below the directional buttons are an ON/OFF button and a reset button. Below the action buttons, a SOUND and START/PAUSE button may be pushed. Two clear-colored trigger buttons may be seen in the photos below but they are there only for show and cannot be depressed.

   A video of some of the games we enjoyed may be viewed below (Edit: Still being uploaded to Youtube. Should be posted soon). Apologies for the shaky-cam demeanor of the video.

Game Listing

01) Matchstick Man
02) The Agent
03) Tank War
04) Pi Wang
05) Aeronaval War
06) Sky War
07) Shoot Birds
08) Snow Ball
09) Porter
10) Flying Disk
11) Air War
12) Wall Ball
13) Greedy Snake
14) Chain Reaction
15) Color Balls
16) Baggage Claim
17) Beer Waitress
18) Clear Map
19) Car Parking
20) Shoot Hexapod
21) Connect Four
22) Bright Stone
23) Tic Tac Toe
24) Magic Pic
25) Mouse Jumping
26) Settle Puzzle
27) Greedy Snake 2
28) Cubix
29) Fruit Skewer
30) Stone
31) Racing Motor
32) Receive Fruit
33) Destroy Bricks
34) Wars of Islands
35) Karo
36) Basketball
37) Sea Wolf
38) Apache Overkill
39) Destroy Hubble
40) Demon Warrior
41) Slalom
42) Colony War
43) Link Link
44) Greedy Boies
45) Greedy Jarry
46) Wolf vs Rabbit
47) Running Cool
48) Impossible
49) Monkey Running
50) Airfight

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Product Specs
Manufacturer: Break
Power: 3 x AAA battery (4 hours game time)

Japanese Title: NEWカラーゲームアワード

JAN Code: 4996697590039
Territory/Language: Japan

 PS3 Agarest War Zero Limited Edition - Domestic Sale Offer US$70.90

Product Description
The prequel to last year's strategy RPG Record of Agarest War, Record of Agarest War Zero features new animated portraits during conversations and the addition of Free Intention, wherein players can explore towns, meet with party members, and influence their relationship with the game's many beautiful young women.

   Record of Agarest War Zero is a single player, turn-based Strategic RPG. A prequel set 1,000 years before the original Record of Agarest War game, Record of Agarest War Zero features the return of the multi-generational Soul-Breeding system, the new Free Intention system, which influences your relationship with game heroines, new skills by way of a new card system and more. Along with the game, Record of Agarest War Zero Limited Edition contains a several collectable bonus items.

   Long before Summerill and the gods of darkness were defeated in Record of Agarest War, another battle was fought across generations to save the world from evil. Record of Agarest War Zero takes you back to that ancient time…

   The war between the forces of darkness and the forces of light, a conflict already many years old, has been fought to a stalemate. In the nation of Kraltarla, the forces of light hold back the evil hordes of darkness spilling from Findeste at the Scarred Mountains, but only just. In a desperate attempt to gain an advantage that could change the course of the war, the generals of the armies of light dispatch their loyal servant Sieghart, whom fate has seen fit to grant a strange and awesome power. Sieghart's mission takes him across Kraltarla to gather the components for a magical tool that can free the imprisoned blacksmith of the gods, so that he might forge magical artifacts of great and terrible power for the forces of light.

Limited Edition Items
Record of Agarest War Zero game for PlayStation 3
» 48-page character data guide
» Soundtrack CD
» Special card set including one deck of playing cards and one deck of collectible skill cards

   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EDT.