Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last Hope - Preorder

NCS sells about eight (count 'em) Neo-CD games per annum from our standing inventory. To say demand isn't what it used to be is putting it kindly. However, the developers of Last Hope believe in the viability of the Neo-CD and they're proceeding with plans to release the game in "early November." The packaging includes a Tactical SuperPlay DVD which shows a master raging through the game like a Master of the Universe. Or something like that.

Each game will be serially numbered with a print run of 500 copies. Even though that may seem like a small number, it might be 400 more than today's market can support. In any case, preorders are welcome at 50 Euros per copy or US$79 from NCS. Preorders should ship in early Nov.

Disgaea 1/7 Scale Etna Figure - Preorder

©NCS» In the Disgaea game, Etna leads the Prinnies with guile and two-faced ambition. She's another challenger to King Krichevskoy's throne but a competent Laharl player can wrestle her to his side as a supporter for proper ascension. On the other hand, an incompetent Laharl player will face death at Etna's hands. The ginger haired demon is a memorable character for her impish ways and toy manufacturers have sculpted Etna in numerous poses and postures.

Griffon Enterprises throws their hat into the ring and sculpts the impish demon in an impish manner where Etna is apparently crawling towards the throne while peering out with her crimson peepers. The figure is set at 1/7 scale and measures 11cm or 4.33" in length. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late January 2008 at US$58 each.

Solidworks Collection DX: Disgaea PVC Figures - Preorder

The gals of Disgaea are featured in a new collection of trading figures which are scheduled to ship on or around January 31, 2008. Takashi Tamotsu provides the sculpting work and each PVC/ABS figure measures approximately 10cm tall. The characters in the set are:

Etna with Prinny
Star Mage

Manufacturer Toys Works distributes the figures in factory boxes of 10 randomly assorted toys. Based on the preorder solicitation, each box contains a full set of six figures and duplicates. Preorders are welcome today at US$68 per box. Jan Code:

Konami Figure Collection: Tengen Toppa Gurren - Preorder

Tengen Toppa Gurren took Japanese television by storm earlier this year and broke into video games last week with the release of Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann on the Nintendo DS. Popular franchises in Japan eventually break into all forms of merchandising (given ample time and endurance) and Konami slakes the demand for Tengen toys by announcing six fixed-posed and pre-painted figures which measure approximately 12cm each. In addition to the six regular figures, a seventh secret figure is randomly packaged into each box. NCS supplies the toys in complete factory sealed boxes of 10 figures at JPY6800 or US$65 from NCS. Preorders are welcome to ship in late March 2007. Jan: 4988602134858

Yume Hyoko 1:1 Scale Dream Chick Plush Toy - Preorder

We thought these were pretty nifty. Released in Japan earlier this year, Dream Chick is a lifelike motorized baby chicken that cries and flaps its little whirring wings like an actual chick.

Sega originally shipped them to the Japanese marketplace on March 15, 2007 but Japanese distributors have started another sales campaign for the chicks. Maybe they think the upcoming holiday season will stoke demand. Preorders are welcome to ship in 1-2 weeks.

General Updates

PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
It's on the way. Apologies for the delay but due to "stock allocations" in the UK, our supplier is shipping our order today. Barring any further delays, our PS3 PES shipments should be in on Thursday.
Dual Shock 3 Update
We've received one offer for the Dual Shock 3 from a Japanese supplier thus far but we're not biting yet. The reason? In order to obtain 1 Dual Shock 3, we also have to buy 1 Playstation 3 40GB console. Let's do the math - buy one DS3 at about $43.60 based on this morning's forex spot and buy one PS3 for $420... which we don't need or want. NCS understands the Dual Shock 3 is precious but we don't relish the idea of spending $460 to import each one.
Please wait for further updates from our other Japanese distributors in the next few days but so far, it's not looking good for readily available stock on November 11. Price gouging is also possible per the norms of the import market but we'll post more information in the next few days. If prices ratchet up too high, we'd advise patience since prices should eventually drop to normalcy within 2-3 weeks after the Japanese debut.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Star Wars R2 Shampoo Pump Dispenser - Preorder

The world doesn't need another plain lotion dispenser but it could use a Star Wars R2 Droid Shampoo Pump Dispenser which takes a detour from conventional designs. The dispenser may be filled with shampoo, creamy lotion, liquid soap, or greasy lubricants of some sort. The possibilities are endless and one can even use it as a watering can for small plants and cacti... which don't need a lot of water.
Four R2 droids are featured as follows: R2-Q5 (black), R4-P17 (red/white), R2-A6 (green/white), and R2-R9 (red/silver) and preorders are welcome to ship on or around February 29, 2008.

Piyo Chan Mini Mini Mascot Plushies - Preorder

The maturation process invariably changes a cute little chick into a cantankerous old cockerel. It's the same way everywhere in the animal kingdom where a kitten matures into a mangy old cat and a pup grows up into a slobbering dog who chases its own tail and howls at the moon.

Perhaps it's a curse that they can't stay forever young but there is a way... plush toys. Japanese manufacturer Eikoh buys a license for the Piyo Chan chick character and crafts it into plush that'll stay young into perpetuity. Three styles are on offer - a 5.5cm chick, a 4.0cm chick, and a 4.0cm female chick that wears a pink bow rakishly on its pate. Preorders for the complete set of three are welcome for delivery in February 2008.

Zoom In Super Saturday Narikiri Cap - Preorder

Taito has started preorders for plush bird caps based on three Zoom in Super Saturday characters named Zumin (blue), Charmin (pink), and Satabo (green). The height of each cap measures 45 cm or 17.71" which is suitable for most average-size human heads. The bottom of the cap may be strapped beneath one's chin to keep it secure. If you're a dog owner who enjoys humiliating your pooch with dress-up shenanigans, this cap will make him the laughing stock of the hood. The Narikiri Caps won't be released in time for this year's Halloween but there's always next year. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late March 2008 at US$39 per cap.

Japanese Import Outlook

NDSSangokushi DS 2Koei

Dragon Tamer Sound Spirits Bandai
PS2Super Robot Taisen Scramble Commander 2nd Banpresto

GI Jockey 4 2007Koei
PS3Railfan Taiwan High Speed RailOngakukan
X360Chikyuu Boueigun 3 - Platinum CollectionD3

Idolmaster - Platinum CollectionMicrosoft

Oanechanbara VorteX - Platinum CollectionD3

Super Mario GalaxyNintendo

USA Release Outlook

NDSCars Mater-National THQ

Dementium: The Ward Renegade

Barbie as The Island PrincessActivision

Bee Movie Game Activision

Ben 10: Protector of Earth D3P


Panzer Tactics DS 10Tacle

Ratatouille Food Frenzy THQ

Shrek: Ogres and Dronkeys Activision

The Simpsons Game EA
PS2Barbie as The Island Princess Activision

Bee Movie Game Activision

Ben 10: Protector of Earth D3P

Cars Mater-National THQ

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Activision

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Guitar BundleActivision

Manhunt 2Rockstar

The Simpsons Game EA
PS3Cars Mater-National THQ

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Guitar BundleActivision


Stranglehold Collector's EditionMidway

The Simpsons Game EA
PSPBen 10: Protector of Earth D3P

Disgaea: Afternoon of DarknessNippon Ichi

Manhunt 2 Rockstar
WiiBattalion Wars 2 Nintendo

Barbie as The Island PrincessActivision

Bee Movie Game Activision

Ben 10: Protector of Earth D3P

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Guitar BundleActivision

Hooked! Real Motion FishingAksys

Manhunt 2 Rockstar

The Simpsons Game EA
X360Bee Movie Game Activision

Cars Mater-National THQ

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Activision

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Guitar BundleActivision

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja Ubisoft

The Simpsons Game EA

TimeShift Sierra

Virtua Fighter 5 Sega

Viva Pinata: Party Animals Microsoft