Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mitsukete! Keroro Gunsou - In Stock

Another hodgepodge of mini-games and interaction featuring the crew of Keroro Gunsou are collected in Mitsukete! Keroro Gunsou which translates to Find! Keroro Gunsou. Some games feature a "spot the differences" theme between an image on the top NDS screen and the touch screen. To spice up the image discernment, some image pairs are mirrored up against each other and others are rotated 90°to add an extra level of difficulty. Another game requires unveiling portions of an image on the touch screen by scratching on it with the stylus and yet another game features wind action where you blow into the microphone to move balloons. A quiz section is also playable for test lovers. All three of you.

Eiyuu Densetsu Sora no Kiseki SC - In Stock

Originally released for the Japanese PC on March 9, 2006, the second chapter of Eiyuu Densetsu Sora no Kiseki chronicles the adventures of a girl named Estelle Bright. Born into the family of a Bracer named Cassius Bright, Estelle followed in her father's footsteps and became a Bracer. The Bracers are a group of heroes who work to maintain peace and civility in the Liberl Kingdom which would otherwise be overrun by monsters and mayhem.

As the story begins, Estelle wakes up inside Grancel Castle and recalls the events in the first chapter of EDSnK. She gets up and looks for her "brother" Joshua Bright who's nowhere to be found. She runs into her father who tells her that Joshua was once a member of the Ouroboros, a group that has been staging the aforementioned mayhem in the Liberl Kingdom. Cassius tells Estelle that Joshua had been unwittingly spying for the Ouroboros while living with the Bright Family. To avoid compromising the safety of the Bright Family, Joshua decided to leave lest the Ouroboros come knocking at their door. Aghast at what Cassius has told her, Estelle runs through the streets of Liberl to no particular destination but soon decides to take a flight home where she thinks Joshua is. Once home, Estelle searches the house with a new friend named Priest Kevin who she met aboard the airship. After a little while, she gives up and resolves to find him. To that end, she resumes her work as a Bracer against the machinations of the Ouroboros and perhaps locate Joshua once again.

Fantastic Fortune 2: Triple Star [Best Hit] - In Stock

The original release of Fantastic Fortune 2 shipped in Japan on March 3, 2005 and NCS moved decent numbers of the game based on the olde transaction archives. The [Best Hit] re-release of the game is the same as the original except the price has been halved and the cover is now bordered by an unattractive "Best Hit" frame.
Artist Azusa Yuhki's contributes character designs and scenarios to GeneX's romantic love simulation, Fantastic Fortune 2. Play as one of three girls named Aqua, Marine, or Marlowe who each have special gifts that'll help them locate a special girl who's marked with a star. To this end, interact with fellow island folk, go to school, and perhaps find love amongst the varied cast of characters. The storyline of the game spans a year in the life of one of the gals as she matures and experiences new things. Slight improvements over the PC original include an enhanced game interface, an additional scenario, new sound effects, and an updated intro animation. For those who'd rather watch instead of pressing buttons every few seconds to forward the introductory text, an automatic forwarding option may be toggled so the interaction sequences play without user input.
A special Music gallery allows gamers to listen to the BGM in the game.