Thursday, June 14, 2007

Days of Memories + Bonus

The ladies and lassies of various SNK properties are battle hardened fighters capable of beating even the manliest of men. Tough and sometimes surly, the likes of Mai Shiranui and King suffer no fools. Until now. Explore the feminine side of SNK's stable of beauties in a romance game where conversation and interaction are the keys to a gal's heart. The Days of Memories software titles were originally released for mobile phones in Japan but SNK collects all three games together for some summer love on the Nintendo DS. In addition to the dating action, players may also check out an Album which features event scenes from the games, endings for the assorted girls that you've completed, and BGM for some aural reverie. All preorders will ship together with four bonus A3 size posters. «more»

Ninja Gaiden Sigma + Bonus

From the publisher

Ryu Hayabusa is a descendant of the Dragon Lineage and a young Ninja of the Hayabusa Clan. One day, when he is training at his uncle Murai's Ninja Fortress, his village is attacked. Kureha, his friend from childhood, is killed and the evil Dark Dragon Blade, a legendary sword sealed by those of the Dragon Lineage since the dawn of history because of its incredible capacity for evil is stolen. Hayabusa, wielding the Dragon Sword, another legendary sword which has been handed down from generation to generation in the Hayabusa Clan, travels to the Vigoor Empire to get revenge.

Bonus Schwag:
All preorders will ship with a glossy 20-page A5 size booklet which contains information on Ryu Hayabusa and Rachel. All of the moves and combos available to both characters are also listed along with the weapons that may be used in the game. «more»

Negima!? Neo-Pactio Fight + Bonus

The Negima!? animated series was fraught with magic battles, action, and hilarity. Similarly, Negima!? Neo-Pactio Fight is packed with magic battles, action, and some bits of hilarity. Negima Springfield and the winsome students of class 3-A engage in a 3D fighting game where four combatants duke it out with melee attacks, magic, and partners. A cast of 10 main characters and 30 partners are featured in the game including the pudgy agent animals named Motsu and Shichimi.

Players may enjoy a Story Mode or a Battle Mode where a main fighter is selected along with two partner characters. The word "Pactio" in the game title refers to the three types of Pactio Cards (Armor, Cosplay, and Suka) featured in the game which trigger special abilities, transformations, and partner upgrades. For example, if your fighter accidentally picks up a Suka Card, she'll change into a chibi version of herself which is basically a useless warrior without defensive or offensive skills. Neo-Pactio Fight plays well with a Nunchuk + Wiimote controller combo or you can simply plug in a classic controller to control the fighters old school style. The Omake Mode features galleries of photos, characters, and a music collection.

Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume + Bonus

In the wee hours of October 17, 1849, renowned Polish composer Frédéric François Chopin passed away from the effects of pulmonary tuberculosis. Merely 39 years of age at the time of his death in the Place Vendôme, Chopin left behind an influential musical legacy that still shows up in today's popular culture.

As the story in Trusty Bell goes, a few hours before Chopin died, he dreamt of a land where inhabitants suffering from a fatal disease wielded magical powers as a side effect. Chopin appears in the strange dream world where he first meets an infected girl named Polka. Together with Polka's friend Allegretto and a lad named Beat, the party ventures forth into the world to find a cure and stop the machinations of an evil Count.

The world of Trusty Bell is a sumptuous visual feast with vibrant green landscapes and detailed towns that are populated with country folk. The buildings in the various towns are elaborate constructions with intricate architecture. When running around a forest, enemies stand around or jump in place. To initiate an encounter, simply run into the beast and the battle begins. Battles are fought in real time with three characters running around, smacking enemies on the fly and firing off magic attacks.