Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NEWS General Updates

Chinatown Fair Closing Doors
    Tomorrow is the last day of operations at Chinatown Fair (CTF) which babysat us when we were punk kids. It's been in operation for about 60 years and it's a dirty-ass, grimy, and sullen place but it had the latest fighters (usually) and we've wasted a lot of time there.
   So... yeah, it's gone after tomorrow. The store will be gutted and probably churned into another one of about 1,000 Chinese grocery markets in Chinatown but selling soda, pop rocks, and ginseng probably generates more revenue/profit than an arcade. C'est la vie. 
Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets
An early shipment of MMP & PS was dispatched from Japan last night and should arrive tomorrow. We'll be able to process about 80% of our preorders with the Wednesday shipment and the remainder will ship on Thursday. If you opted for overnight shipping, please note your order will arrive on Thursday of this week. Tracking numbers will be updated by 7PM EST tomorrow.
Nintendo 3DS
The Japanese Nintendo 3DS and games are all scheduled to arrive on Thursday-Friday of this week.