Friday, August 05, 2011

Game of Thrones RPG

 NDS All Kamen Rider Generation - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» This year 2011 represents the 40th Anniversary of the Kamen Rider franchise which was born all the way back in 1971. The Riders captured the imagination of Japan's television rabble and created cottage industries in toys and assorted merchandising. To celebrate such a long and fruitful harvest, Bandai gathers together all 25 Kamen Rider series and pits a total of 27 Riders against legions of enemies, henchmen, and bosses who have appeared in the Kamen Rider serials. 
   The action takes place on free-roaming stages where the Riders ramble around and punch, kick, and use special powers against their hapless foes. The Riders can also perform combo attacks which whack motley enemies en masse. Like the Three Stooges, except in triplicate.

 NDS Atsumete! Kirby - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Kirby is taking a nap when a buster named Necrodius jolts him with a lightning blast from his wand and splits Kirby into 10 separate Kirbies. With diminished vitality due to their smaller size, Necrodius beats down nine of the Kirbies but one escapes. With fire in his heart and reunion on his mind, Kirby goes on a quest with his Kirby comrades and beat back the machinations of Necrodius.

Atsumete! Kirby allows players to control up to 10 Kirbies at a time by using the touchscreen and marshalling them like a contingent of grunts. Along with the platform action, a number of sub-games are also included for interactive variety.

 PSP Yuusha 30 Second - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» If bite-sized adventuring is your kind of game, you were probably pleased with Yuusha 30 from 2009. Players had 30 seconds to quest, battle, and explore dungeons before having to replenish the time. Fans of the first adventure should be prepared to be pleased once again with Marvelous' sequel to the game Yuusha 30 Second. In the followup to Yuusha 30, players take on the role of a pint-sized hero who travels the land in search of towns, monsters, and extra time.

To enforce the 30-second rule, a timer on the top of the screen keeps track of how much time has elapsed in each bite-sized portion of the game. To reset the clock, players may run into towns and donate gold to goddess statues to gain another 30 seconds. The first donation to the goddess is invariably 100G but grows in size at every turn. Yuusha 30 Second features five game modes as follows:

» Hero 30 Overture - Featuring the original hero Yuusha
» Hero 30 Judgment - Featuring the original hero Yuusha
» Hero 30 Revolution - Featuring new heroine named Yuushia
» Hero 30 Ragnarok - Featuring a new hero named Yuja
» Hero 30 Destiny - The hero for the fifth mode is to be revealed

Along with the main game mode, players may also enjoy a wireless multiplayer mode where up to four players can link up and quest together. For gamers who like to design their own adventures, a level creation mode gives players the tools to build their own little quests and share them