Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DRINK Final Fantasy XIII Elixir Complete Edition - In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The FFXIII Elixir Complete Edition was released last week and distributors have finally gotten around to procuring inventory for us. Please note each FFXIII Elixir Complete Edition box is huge.... and obnoxiously heavy... and our offer price reflects the shipping charges to import this beast from Japan into the United States. The box of the FFXIII Elixir CE is roughly triple the size of the Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Potion Limited Edition.

Each complete set includes sixteen cans of carbonated "Elixir" which we don't recommend drinking and an FFXIII Elixir tumbler that's made of stainless steel with a plastic outer shell. The production of the Complete Edition is limited to only 30,000 sets and a serially numbered plate is included in each box.
New orders are welcome.

NDS Coro Pata - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» Sunflower is an impish blue-haired girl who's been tasked with traipsing through 128 stages where simple objectives must be accomplished before she can gain safe passage. In the first stage, Sunflower has to walk from the right side of the screen to the left side but there are two obstacles stopping her - namely two crevices in the platforms through which she'll fall is she's not careful. To fill those crevices, help Sunflower bridge the first gap with a plank of wood which is chosen from the menu on the left side of the screen. She'll take care of the second gap when she runs across a baseball which she throws to knock a green plank down which covers the second crevice. By way of simple object manipulation and studious examination of each stage, players give Sunflower a hand in traversing simple levels as well as more complicated stages which involve multiple tiers of movement.

TOYS Portrait of Pirates Dracule Mihawk - New, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Megahouse released the One Piece Portrait of Pirates Dracule Mihawk figure earlier this year and it sold out with the quickness. Customers who were unable to purchase the POP rendition of Dracule the first time around are getting another chance this week when Megahouse issues a new production of the popular figure.
Dracule is a masterful sword handler who wears a flamboyant outfit that's in direct contrast to his serious nature and gritty demeanor. In the One Piece animated series, Dracule keeps a watchful eye over Roronoa Zoro but not because he cares about him. Dracule is tracking Zoro's sword fighting progress and wants to fight against him when Zoro reaches the peak of his sword handling abilities. The POP Deluxe Dracule figure measures 23.50cm or 9.25" tall and
all preorders are shipping today. New orders are welcome at JPY6240 or US$73.90 from NCS.

General Updates

PS3/X360 Bayonetta USA Released
The North American versions of Bayonetta for the Xbox 360 and PS3 arrived yesterday afternoon but sadly, we won't be allowed to ship them out to customers until next Monday.
There was a brouhaha in New York City when COD2 was "leaked" a few days early and that incident has forced vendors to keep games from shipping until the official street date. Until next Monday arrives however, here are the back cover scans for both versions of the game. At least we get to play the games early.
UPS Holiday Schedule
Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and UPS won't be making any UPS Ground deliveries or pickups. Only UPS Next Day and 2nd Day Air packages will be moving on Thursday. Furthermore, please be advised that no shipments will be delivered or picked up on Friday (January 1, 2010).