Thursday, December 13, 2012

 WiiU Monster Hunter 3G HD Ver. Wii U Premium Set - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
The Monster Hunter 3G HD special pack bundles a black Wii U console 32GB with a copy of the new Monster Hunter 3G game and accessories as follows:
  Black Wii U GamePad
  Black Wii U Pro Controller
  Black Wii U Touchpen
  GamePad Charger Stand
  GamePad Play Stand
  Wii U Console Stand
  Wii U Dragon Quest X Mezameshi Itsutsu No Shuzoku Online (Beta Version Download)
  Power Adapters for Wii U and GamePad
  HDMI Cable
 Japanese Product Name: MH3G HDver.Wii Uプレミアムセット
 Product SKU: WUP-S-KAFD | Jan Code:

PS3 Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki FC Kai HD Edition - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
Eiyuu Densetsu VI was originally released for the Japanese PC in the summer of 2004 where it went on to sell over 200,000 copies. Falcom expands the audience for the game a little wider this week with a PS3 conversion which includes the PSP add-ons such as voice acting in the battle sequences, a bestiary for monsters that have been defeated, and PS3 upgrades including HD graphics, 59-song soundtrack, custom themes, and data sharing with the PSP.

   As the story goes, the Bright family is made up of father Cassius and his children Estelle and Joshua. Looking at the three, one would never guess that Joshua was related to Estelle or Cassius since he looks entirely different. There's a good reason for that - Joshua is an adopted child who came to live with the Brights when he was young. The three are members of a guild of hired hands known as "Bracers" who take on odd jobs and assignments for dosh.

One day, Cassius receives a letter and heads out to a nearby town to do some work. While he's gone, Estelle and Joshua resolve to handle any of Cassius' Bracer assignments and their first mission is a trek to Perzel Farm which is to the southwest of their town, Rolent. Once the business at the farm is taken care of, more missions are handed out by Scherazard at the guild which eventually lead the pair to a land spanning adventure steeped in intrigue and a pernicious conspiracy. Along with missions from the guild, many unique and interesting side quests are available in the game which allow Estelle and Joshua to level up their Bracer rankings and their hoard of gold. Unlike the early Legend of Heroes games, EDVI features a 3D world with a friendly camera that may be manipulated freely. The battle system allows the use of weapon-based attacks as well as special techniques for magic use and special attacks.
 Japanese Product Name: 英雄伝説 空の軌跡FC:改HD EDITION
 Sku Code: BLJM-85004
 Jan Code:

 PS3 Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2012 Ketteiban - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
The popular Powerful Pro baseball game hits the PS3 with 2012 season data along with updated team stats, special uniforms used during the year, and the return of the song creation mode to compose cheer songs.

 Japanese Title: 実況パワフルプロ野球2012決定版
 Sku Code:  BLJM-60564
 Jan Code: