Tuesday, September 08, 2020

 TOYS Godzilla VS. Series Humidifier: Burning Godzilla - Import Preorder US$80.90

NCS Product Synopsis
    Back in November 2017, the King of Monsters was called into humidifier duty instead of his usual stint where he destroys Tokyo. Fast forward three years and Godzilla is once again marshaled into service as a humidifier which inundates the air with moisture. The 2020 Godzilla Humidifier features Burning Godzilla who is blazing with red hot illumination and not only humidifies but it plays music, shines a fiery LED light into the heavens, and looks hotter than a Carolina Reaper pepper blooming in the summer sun. Godzilla is powered by an AC adapter which is included in the package. 

Product Features
 » Groovy Godzilla jingles and stomping sound effects
 » 70ml water tank (Approximately 5.5 hours of humidification)
 » Automatic shut-off when water runs out
 » Ultrasonic Humidification Method

    Godzilla's head pops open to fill up the water chamber and the dorsal spine on his back acts as a toggle to activate the power and lights (press once and hold) as well as the humidifier (press again for continuous mode, press twice for intermittent mode).
 Package Contents
1) Godzilla Humidifier
 2) AC Power Adapter
 3) Water measuring cup
 4) Instructions sheet
    Preorders are welcome to ship in late October 2020.
 Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Pulchra / Shrine
 Material: PVC
 Dimension W181mm x H215.2mm x D226mm
 Features: Automatic shut-off; Continuous mode, simple mode
 Power Consumption: 12 W
 JAN Code: 4582319373038
 Japanese Title: 加湿王バーニングゴジラ
 Territory/Language: Japanese