Thursday, August 23, 2012

 iPhone iCat Earphone Jack Covers for iPhone 4 / 4S - Restock Soon

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Kitty cats are crawling on your iPhone with Pink Company's 'iCat Earphone Jack Covers' which plug into the exposed audio jack of the iPhone or other smart phones for some miniature feline antics. Japanese accessory manufacturer Pink Company is releasing two sets of cat earphone jack covers in late July which are designed to keep dust out of the iPhone's exposed audio jack. The covers are compatible with 3.5mm audio jacks.
    Two sets of covers are on offer as follows:
Set A: Cat #1, Cat #4, Cat #6
Set B: Cat #2, Cat #3, Cat #5
    In the case of Cat #3, the kitty is anatomically correct as seen from the back. NCS expects to ship the next batch of iCat Earphone Jack Covers next week when restock arrives. New orders are welcome.
Japanese Product Title: 購入する にゃんこがた イヤホンジャックカバー set A, set B
Jan Code: 4541228600925

 PS3 AquaPazza AquaPlus Dream Match - Shipping Next Week

  After a couple of delays, AquaPlus' AquaPazza fighting game is shipping next week on the Japanese Playstation 3. New orders are welcome for the regular edition - unfortunately, the limited edition is currently presold out but we'll update our shop listing if additional supplies are made available next week. Thanks.

 NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The characters from Aquaplus properties (Hakuowlo, Arawn, Riannon, Tamaki Kousaka, Sasara, etc) and Examu games (Mizuki, Octavia, Yuma, Ma-ryan, Serika, etc) commingle in a 2D fighting game which was originally released in Japanese arcades on TAITO Type X² last year but makes the leap to the Playstation 3 this summer. New to the PS3 rendition is a Story Mode, an updated Arcade Mode, Voice Chat support, a CG Gallery, and Network modes. Reservations are welcome for a regular edition as well as a limited edition [Sorry, sold out] which is packaged with an AquaPazza Special Soundtrack and a set of AquaPazza character cards which feature each fighter's image on the front and move combinations on the back.

 SALE Rajirugi (Radirgy / Radilgy) Precious (PS2) - US$23.90 + Free shipping

  New and factory sealed Rajirugi for the Japanese PS2 from Milestone. If you're missing this game in your Milestone shooter collection, here's a chance to pick it up at a lower price.

NCS Product Synopsis
 Original Update: May 24, 2006

«©NCSX» Sometime in the future, cell phones have become more ubiquitous than they are today. Wireless waves travel through the air to deliver email, bulletins, and other useful information. Against this backdrop, the mechs of Rajirugi take to the air, receive information, and battle enemies with powerful weaponry. In the game, players control a little whimsical mecha which looks like a Twinbee at first glom but with different skill sets. Three mechs are available including one which blasts with a vulcan shot, another which fires lasers, and another which makes do with bubble shots. The mechs also carry a sword in their right gauntlets which is swished like a windshield wiper to block enemy shots. A concentric barrier may also be activated to absorb shots and grate enemies within its range.