Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Final Fantasy IV Trading Arts Mini - Preorder

When you're a fan of the Final Fantasy games, there's a lot of deja vu in your life. Square Enix has a penchant for re-releasing, rehashing, and repackaging their library of Final Fantasies with aplomb. It's like they know the market is going to slurp up whatever they serve as long as those two magic words are somewhere on the packaging: Final. Fantasy.

Ready for another meal? Good, because the Final Fantasy IV Trading Arts Mini collection is winging its way to market this December. Six recognizable characters are featured in the set including the ebon-armored Cain Highwood, the gruff Cid Pollendina, and the strangely effeminate Cecil Harvey. Each figure measures approximately 6cm tall and are fixed posed. Please note that each factory case contains nine blind-boxed figures but we're assured by the Japanese supplier that each case contains at least 1 full set and three duplicates. Preorders are welcome to ship in December.

Tachikoma Silver Soft Vinyl Figure - Preorder

The default color of the Tachikoma is blue with white trim. However, in episode 12 of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, two color variants were shown: a silver-painted Tachikoma which was eventually destroyed and a yellow-painted model which was also wrecked in an all-out assault against the Umibozu.

NCS has peddled a few yellow-painted Tachikoma toys in the past year but Fewture's Tachikoma Silver Sofubi is the first gray-gunmetal colored version that we'll stock later this year. The toy is made of soft-vinyl for a pliable mech that's somewhat shiny. Preorders
are welcome to ship in mid-late November 2007 at JPY6800 or US$65 from NCS.

Transformers Sports Label Convoy feat. Nike - In Stock

NCS recalls a time when the words "Nike" and "Transformers" would have never jibed in the same sentence or breath. Nike = Sneakers. Transformers = Robots. There's no relationship between the two whatsoever and never the twain shall meet.

Hell froze over.

Behold the latest collaboration betwixt two household names: Nike and Transformers. At first glom, the Nike Transformers looks like a well-appointed 6" duo-tone sneaker with white laces. However with a few twists, shifts, and turns, the shoe transforms into a recognizable robot known by fans the world over. This is no normal robot however since its trailing loose laces and wearing miniature sneaks which may be popped onto its mechanical feet. Please note that this release is the Marine color version of Sports Label Convoy which was released in Japan on Sept 11.

Halo History Pack - In Stock

Halo 3 lands soon and will bring the series to trilogy status. Before that highly anticipated occasion however, Microsoft takes a look back at Master Chief's antics in the game that started it all and its sequel. The Halo History Pack includes:

» Halo: Combat Evolved
» Halo 2

The versions included in the package are the "Platinum Collection" re-release editions and both games include a color manual in Japanese. An update disc is also included in the pack so Xbox 360 owners can get the games working on their consoles. A little advertising flyer included inside features information on Halo 3 and the special first print limited edition which ships along with the regular edition on September 27. Please note that the original Japanese version of Halo is only playable in Japanese while Halo 2 features an English language option.

Both games are packaged in a cardboard box with top and bottom flaps - it is not a slipcase (to answer some recent customer inquiries).

Sengoku Basara [Best Price] - In Stock

Warring states have fractured the land into contentious factions where no peace rests. Rise up as a military leader who battles to unite the land under one gauntlet. Before the unification, a lot of blood must be spilled and the players fights against entire armies on expansive battlefields in the style of Shin Sangoku Musou. A number of heroes may be chosen from a roster that includes sword fighters, stealthy ninja, and samurai. Along with the usual assortment of swords, firearms are also available for offensive variety. Heroes level up as they gain experience and may also enhance their weapons as they grow in stature. Every hero may also perform special moves that are specific to their own fighting styles and/or skills.

Four game modes are featured in Sengoku Basara as follows:
Conquest: Select one of six warriors at the outset and conquer lands.
Free Battle: Smash through the ranks as Devil King, Scorpio, Venus, etc.
Play Demo: Watch the COM play the game like a champ.
Gallery: View characters, watch game movies, and listen to BGM.
: Toggle camera settings, health gauge, adjust sound volumes, etc.