Thursday, December 07, 2006

Capcom Girls Collection: Morrigan

The daughters of Lilith are man hungry succubi who alight upon their prey during the twilight hours. In popular culture, Morrigan of Vampire fame is perhaps the sexiest succubus. Ever.

Fully aware of her appealing stature, Yamato commissions Mitsumasa Yoshizawa (Reflect) to sculpt Morrigan in a lean-back pose where her right arm props up her body while her crossed legs provide additional support. Morrigan's left arm is used to lift up a portion of her hair in alluring fashion while skin-tighter purple spandex covers her coltish legs. A barely there bustier captures her bosom in a clasping grip. Morrigan is a 1/6 scale polystone statue that's part of the highly desired Capcom Girls Collection. Her shiny stiletto boots look like they could do some major damage if kicked out at the right time. Or the wrong time, depending on your perspective.

All preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome at US$195 per figure. «View larger photos for this item»

Star Wars Kubrick Series 7

Medicom releases the seventh series of Star Wars Kubricks. The cast of standard characters and their ratios per factory case are as follows:

- Emperor's Royal Guard with Force Pike (4/12)
- Scout Trooper with Blaster Pistol (3/12)
- Spirit of Anakin Skywalker (2/12)
- Gamorrean Guard with Vibro Axe (1/12)
- Leia in Boushh Disguise with Electro Staff (1/12)
- Lando Calrissian as Skiff Guard with with Force Spike (1/12)

In addition to the standard figures, three secret chase figures are also randomly packaged in ridiculously rare ratios as follows:

- Senate Guard (2/48)
- Anakin Skywalker (1/96)
- Yakface aka Saelt-Marae (1/96)

All preorders ship today. New orders are welcome.

Tsukasa Bullet Figures

Japanese toy manufacturer Megahouse has releases two Excellent Model Core PVC figures sculpted by Jun Tsukasa. The two models hail from Jun's Tsukasa Bullet Works which featured assorted heroines on display.

On the right, a wide-eyed Mizuki carries a blade in her left hand while her right hand hefts the sheath for the weapon. Although the photo doesn't show her near full-frontal nudity, the girl is nigh buck naked.

On the left, Mariko Imai dresses up in a spacesuit with an open zipper in front. Mounted on her head are two suction-cup contraptions while a ray gun is gripped in her right hand.

Both figures measure 20cm or 7.87" tall or 1/8 scale. Pricing is set at Y5250 or US$58 each and all preorders are shipping today. «View larger photos for this item»

WII Silicon Sleeve

Wrap your Wiimote and Wii Nunchuk in flexible and smooth sleeves made of silicon. The Wii-Mote is a nifty controller which allows gamers to swing, slash, and act the fool hero in the gaming room. While the Wii-Mote is comfortable to grip and hold for extended amounts of time, it can get slippery from sweaty palms.
To address that very issue, Asian manufacturer Pega presents a quartet of Silicon Covers for the controller which cling like a second skin. The silicon body provides just the right amount of sponginess and friction for firm, fling-free gesticulations. Pink, Blue, White, and Black colors are available.

X360 Blue Dragon Bundle - Update

Our Japanese supplier made a shipping mistake and we will be able to fill customer preorders for the Blue Dragon LE Bundle with the five bonus figures after all this Friday. Emails have been sent out earlier this morning to our customers who's orders were shipped yesterday to update everyone on the situation.
The remainder of the Blue Dragon Limited Edition bundles are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. In the meantime, we currently have the Blue Dragon Regular Edition bundle in stock for US$295 - these were shipped by our Japanese supplier by mistake. The Regular Edition only includes a Japanese Xbox 360 Core System, cables, a joypad, and a copy of Blue Dragon. If we don't sell them, at least we have the option of returning them to Japan.