Monday, October 06, 2014

 TOYS To Heart 2 Kusugawa Sasara Bunny Ver. - Import Preorder $129.90

Product Synopsis 
   The buxom Sasara Kusugawa from To Heart 2 dresses up as a bunny in Orca Toys' 1/5 scale figure which measures 23cm in length and is sculpted by Masaaki Kobayashi.

    Preorders ship in late April 2015.

  Product Specification
Manufacturer: Orca Toys
  Dimensions: LH23cm (9.05") 1/5 scale
  Material: PVC
  Japanese Title: ToHeart2 XRATED 久寿川ささらバニーVer.
  Jan Code:
  Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS Metal Slug SV-001/I Metal Slug Model Kit - Import Preorder US$49.90

Product Synopsis
   The star of the Metal Slug games isn't a man or woman but a mobile machine
dubbed the 'SV-001' capable of firing on all cylinders and lobbing artillery at enemy soldiers as well as armor. Wave presents a Metal Slug model kit which features snap-fit pieces and requires glue to assemble together.

   Preorders ship in January 2015.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Wave
: H12cm (9.05") 1/24 scale
Material: ATBC-PVC
Japanese Title: メタルスラッグ SV-001/I メタルスラッグ 1/24スケール プラスチックモデルキット
JAN Code: 4943209520237
Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS Gamera 1996 S.H. MonsterArts Action Figure - Import Preorder $79.90

Product Synopsis
   The mightiest turtle on Earth is coming back to the toy market with a new rendition which hearkens back to 1996 when the Gamera 2: Attack of Legion movie enraptured fans with a storyline about Gamera defending the Earth against the Legion alien force.

   Drop everything and get your hands (or claws) on this amazing articulated Gamera (1996) collectible figure from S.H.MonsterArts! This spectacular rendition of Gamera was brought to life by famous kaiju sculptors Tomoo Haraguchi and
Shinichi Wakasa. Create flying and Ultimate Plasma attack poses with the plethora of accessory parts. Posing Gamera is easy with the expertly placed articulated joints. Set comes with plasma effect parts with supports, flying pose support piece, interchangeable flying appendage parts, and display base.

   Preorders ship in January 2015.
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Bandai
Jan Code: 4543112901507
Height: H14cm (5.51")
Material: PVC, ABS
Japan Title: S.H.モンスターアーツ ガメラ(1996)
Territory/Language: Japan

 PS2 Prince of Tennis Card Hunter Limited Edition - Sale $39.90 Free Shipping USA

Product Synopsis
   Tennis no Oji-Sama: Card Hunter Limited Edition

Alternate SKU: VW341-J1
JAN Code: 4988602134186

   Ships same-day if ordered before 4PM EST. 
Product Specs
Publisher: Konami
Jan Code: 4988602134186 / SLPM-66642 / VW341-J1
Japan Title: テニスの王子様 CARD HUNTER
Territory/Language: Japan

 OST Oshare Majo Love and Berry - 2008 Complete Song Collection - Sale $30.90

Product Synopsis
NCS Game Synopsis
«©NCSX» Glamorous witches with a sense of dancing rhythm first made an appearance in Japanese arcades in October of 2004. By tapping on two palm-sized buttons, players followed the tambourine cues on screen to register hits and become a success.

   Two years later, the girls dazzled portable players on the Nintendo DS with a respectable conversion of the coin-op game which was able to use the game cards from the arcade version. Encouraged by the popularity of the Oshare no Majo game, Sega released a line of clothing inspired by the fashion sense of the two witches, Love and Berry. The company follows up the wearable merchandising with a soundtrack which collects 42 songs from the game. The music is catchy, peppy and fully of energy. It can even be argued that dancers may groove to the beats and really get down.
Jan Code: 4974365114473

   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EST

Product Specs
Publisher: Sega
Jan Code: 4974365114473
Territory/Language: Japan

 TPB No More Heroes Perfect Bible - Sale US$49.90 Free shipping

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: May 19, 2010
«©NCSX» If your personality skews towards descriptors such as "perfectionist" and "completist," the new No More Heroes Perfect Bible might help you achieve a state of gaming nirvana only known by select players. Kadokawa's No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise book contains information on the game world and locations, characters, and commentary from the producers. Since the game system has been updated from the Nintendo Wii original, the book also covers the following:

» All of the game's locations are mapped out in precise detail
» Pointers and strategies on defeating enemies
» A total of over 50 cheats that may be used by... cheaters
» Character portraits, trading cards, and background information

   The pages are glossy and the book is comprehensive like a perfect bible of knowledge should be. The last chapter contains 14 pages of concept art and 2 pages featuring snapshots from the "Very Sweet Mode" of the game. The book spans 130 pages and the copy we're keeping for our own little No More Heroes shrine will be cherished forever. Or at least until next week after we've completed the game. All preorders have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome for dispatch this afternoon. 
   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EST.