Thursday, May 24, 2018

 TOYS Rejection Dog Strap (Set of 9) - Import Preorder US$39.90

Product Synopsis
   When dogs don't want to go where their owners want to take them, the canine rebellion generally consists of lying down flat on their bellies, resisting the leash, and rolling on their backs with their legs pointed away from the ground so as to remove any possibility of walking. Such are the tactics used by the stout Shiba Inu in Qualia's upcoming "Rejection Dog Straps" where brown, black, and white pups don't want to obey their owners. They won't go for a walk, they ain't going home, and they sure as hell won't be fetching a gnarly length of wood that's been hurled onto the street. 

Order Details
  Preorders are welcome to ship in late September 2018. This reservation offering is for the complete set of 9 dog straps as shown in the preorder placard below. 
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Qualia
Material: PVC, ATBC
Approx. H52mm
Japanese Title:  拒否犬ストラップ NEW 全9種セット
JAN Code: 4589795370773
Territory/Language: Japan