Thursday, February 07, 2008

Super Mario Galaxy Original Sound Track - New Import

All re-confirmed preorders for the Super Mario Galaxy OST are shipping today. Due to the amount of orders we're processing this afternoon, we cannot accept any changes. Emails were sent out on Monday of this week to re-confirm preorders at the new price of US$43.36.

Please note that if we don't hear from you with acknowledgement that the new price is acceptable, your order won't be processed. We'll give everyone until Friday to reply but after that, we'll release the OST to new orders as well as any remaining backorders in our processing queue. The OST contains 53 tracks of music which are spread out over two shiny platinum CDs. Please note the OST is only available from Club Nintendo and won't be sold in Japanese retail shops.

Juicy Honey Vol. 7 Rio - New Import, In Stock

Mint releases a Juicy Honey DVD which features Tina Yuzuki aka Rio cavorting in swimsuits, her birthday suit, and assorted flimsy lingerie. The DVD captures the antics that took place when Tina posed for the recent Juicy Honey Premium Edition trading cards which shipped in late December. For voyeurs who enjoy a little idol interaction, a 10-question quiz game is playable which features factoids about Rio. In addition to the DVD, each copy includes a bonus promotional trading card which is packaged inside the retail case.

Product Specs
Region-2 NTSC DVD
50 minutes in length
4:3 Standard Aspect Ratio
MPEG-2 Stereo

Product Code: JYH-007 (JPY3800)
Jan Code: 4582154107577 (View an assortment of images from the DVD)

Patsuto Tokeru! Indo Suugaku Doriru DS - New, In Stock

If you were the kind of kid that didn't like math and always protested, "B-B-But I'm never going to use it when I'm all growed up!" then Patsuto Tokeru isn't for you. Run far yonder from this release. However, if you were a member of the Elite Mathlete Club in both junior high school and high school, this one's got your name all over it. Learn mathematics and math formulas from an Indian bloke who teaches 42 mental calculation methods which might help you get a handle on your finances, blunt the trajectory of your spending, and solve other math problems that have beguiled modern man for the past 50 years. Early preorders (30% ratio) will ship with a bonus miniature Rubik's Cube that you can use to strengthen the inner workings of your brain.

Princess Maker 5 - New Import, In Stock

A newly orphaned young girl has been rescued by the Man-Animal known as Cube but he's not very good with children. Instead of looking after the tyke himself, Cube requests your help to raise the girl from lil' orphan to a strapping young woman who's ready to conquer the world...

Princess Maker 5 was originally released on the Japanese PC last year and the game makes a smooth transition to the PS2. Taking place in the modern day, the little girl has access to contrivances such as television, cell phones, and the internet which may affect her pathway to adulthood. Similar to previous PM games, players interact with their adopted daughter and give her guidance as well as instruction so she grows up a certain way. Outside influences include friends that she meets at school and the aforementioned internet.

New to Princess Maker 5 is the ability to play as a matronly mother or a doting father. Leisure time comes in the form of vacations which include a scuba diving sojourn, a visit to hot springs, a ski trip, and even a safari adventure. Depending on the girl's upbringing, she can become a gravure idol, a wrestler, musician, and more for a total of 50 possible endings.

Princess Maker 5 Limited Edition - New Import, In Stock

The limited edition of Princess Maker 5 ships in a special cardboard box with variant cover artwork that's different from the regular edition of the game. The limited edition is packaged with three bonus items in addition to the game DVD-Rom as follows:

» Music CD which contains five tracks, two of which are the theme songs for the original Princess Maker and Princess Maker 2. The opening and ending theme songs for Princess Maker 5 are also included.

» A pink-colored Princess Maker 5 decal which shows a silhouette of a baby girl within a heart. The sticker measures 12cm x 12cm or approximately 4.8" in area.

» An 80-page illustrations and information booklet which captures the characters, vacations, and possible careers for the little Princess. The illustrations are all in full color.

All preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome at US$88.

Coded Soul: Uke Keigareshi Idea - New Import, In Stock

The year is 20XX and a gateway to another world has been discovered. Housed in a military facility, the Monolith Gate looks like a black crystal shard which is tended to by a gatekeeper named Gail. During an emergency situation at the facility one day, the hero Jay is pushed out of the way by a girl named May. In the confusion, May is shot by three nervous soldiers and she crumples to the ground like a rag doll. Since assault with a deadly weapon is unacceptable, the gatekeeper Gail uses his power to lift her body up and spirits away into the world of Idea. Jay soon follows them in a bid to save May from an uncertain fate.

Coded Soul is a 3D action-adventure game where Jay explores the military facility as well as the world of Idea in back-and-forth episodic jaunts. He can't stay in Idea for long and must return to his own world after a certain amount of time unless he can find areas which extend his stay. Once in Idea, Jay is gifted with a special power which allows him to bind monsters to his will by drawing their souls into himself. Once corralled, up to two beasts fight alongside Jay whenever the party is faced with enemy forces. The overall goal is to rescue May but a large number of sub-quests may be enjoined for added challenge.

Early preorders (30% ratio) will ship with a bonus "Making of Coded Soul" Booklet which chronicles the preparation and work that Kouji Okada's Gaia Studio put into developing the game.

Gundam: Giren no Yabou - Axis no Kyoui - New, In Stock

Bandai has re-issued a couple of Gundam Giren games on the PSP but Axis no Kyoui represents the first new release that's exclusive to the Playstation Portable. The game features tactical-strategy action where mech forces face opposing forces across the ether. A cast of over 250 heroes and nearly 500 mechs from Gundam Z, Char's Counterattack, Gundam ZZ, and the original Gundam appear in the game. Players may choose to battle on the side of the Anti Earth United Government (AEUG), Axis, the Federation, Titans, or the Zeon with unique storylines and campaigns for each contingent. There's an additional eight forces that are blocked by static on the Mode Select screen for a total of 13 different starting points once everything's unlocked

New systems introduced in Axis no Kyoui include Moral Alignment which keeps track of good and evil battlefield choices, Mech Modifications for custom crafting of robots, and Day and Night phases for afternoon battles as well as twilight firefights. Upon starting a game, an introduction which features still images accompanied by male voice-over provides the backdrop for the beginning of each force's unique campaign.

In addition to the main game, the software includes a DATABASE which contains illustrations and images for 494 Mechanics (robots) and 262 Characters. Everything's locked and non-viewable at the outset however. Early preorders will ship with a bonus Giren no Yabou DVD.

Gundam Axis no Kyoui PSP-2000 Bundle - New, In Stock

Console and handheld color variants were the rage a few years ago but the love affair has for the most part fizzled. Unless the variant is a Final Fantasy tie-in or something really special, sales have been tepid for pretty much every repaint over the past couple of years.

The Gundam Axis no Kyoui PSP color variant falls into the tepid category. The back of the unit looks nice but the design isn't a wallet opener. For the next PSP variant, we want a custom-designed shell that's infused with bright artwork that'll catch the eye of any onlooker. Sadly, that'll never happen since radical avant-garde designs aren't on the Sony menu.

OneechanBara Revolution - New Import, In Stock

Aya can't sleep and she can't eat. All she can think about are the zombies - an army of shuffling undead that's on the rampage once again.

In previous OneechanBara games, players pressed a button to slash out attacks while sitting on the futon like a potato. Nevermore. Thanks to the magic of the Nintendo Wiimote, players get to swing and thrust their arms like true action heroes to chop zombie limbs and eviscerate undead bowels. Movement is handled by way of the nunchuk but the jumping and chopping are controlled through the Wiimote.

Players may select either Aya or Saki at the outset of the game and then go through legions of zombie malcontents. When surrounded by rambling corpses, simply swish the Wiimote in a left to right motion and Aya will swing her blade in a wide arc which strikes everyone within range. To perform an elevated downward slash, press the "A" button and then swish the Wiimote to watch Aya jump 'n attack like an aerial banshee. The game is broken up into chapters with the first stage ending once Aya enters a church which is infested with undead. «View NCS Game Notes»

Kessen III Treasure Box Items - Clearance Sale

We originally posted a sale offer for the Kessen III Treasure Box items back in the summer of 2005 and we thought they were all gone. As fate would have it, we found a few more cases tucked in a corner of the primary warehouse. The Kessen III game itself has been removed from each Treasure Box years ago but the limited edition items remain. Each Kessen III box includes the following items:

» An Oda Nobunaga figure with display stand
» 110-pg Kou Shibusawa book with character and location art
» Kessen III data disk which contains maps, general profiles, etc
» Character card set + special montage card

Sale Offering

Pricing per Kessen III Treasure Box is set at US$59.90 which includes free shipping by UPS Ground within the USA.
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