Friday, November 29, 2013

 PS3 Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Ultimate Box - Square Enix Exclusive

  Preorders for the Square Enix shop exclusive 'Final Fantasy XIII -Lightning Ultimate Box-' are shipping today. The bundle includes the following items:

 » Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns game software
 » Final Fantasy XIII -Lightning Ultimate Box - Lightning Special Label Stand
 » Final Fantasy XIII -Lightning Ultimate Box - Special Soundtrack CD
 » Final Fantasy XIII -Lightning Ultimate Box - Lightning Art Works book
 » Final Fantasy XIII -Lightning Ultimate Box - Lightning Play Arts figure

    Pricing takes into account vendor handling charges and shipping from overseas.

 Product Specification
Publisher: Square Enix
 Territory/Language: Japan
 Game website:

 SKU/Jan Code:

    Please note this item is currently sold out as of today's shipment but we have a small quantity scheduled to arrive next week for new orders. Thanks.

 PS3 Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis 
   Take the reins of a mech along with two cohorts and thrust into battle against another team in Banpresto's 3D fighting game. Playable robots culled from the Super Robot Wars Original Generation games include Alteisen Riese, Aussenseiter, Cybuster, Dygenguard, Fairlion S, Gespenst Mk-II M, Gespenst RV, KoRyuOh, R-Gun Powered, Ryukooh, Siegerlion, Soulgain, Thrudgelmir, Vysaga, and more for a total of 40 combatants in the roster.

Product Specification
Publisher: Banpresto
 Territory/Language: Japan
 Japanese Title: スーパーロボット大戦OG INFINITE BATTLE
 Game website:
 SKU/Jan Code:

 NEWS Import outlook

   Two boxes of Japanese imports didn't make it in this morning but they've been rescheduled for delivery on Monday. Preorders will ship upon arrival along with all current backorders for the PS Vita Slim.

   Please note that UPS is on a holiday schedule today and will only be picking up and delivering air packages. Ground packages will resume movement on Monday.
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