Monday, January 28, 2008

Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan Original Soundtrack - Preorder

Sega's Ryu Ga Gotoku game gave players a peek at the drama, tribulations, and inner workings of the Yakuza. The first two games were well received by the gaming public so a third game subtitled "Kenzan" is in the works and scheduled for release on March 6.

The music in the Ryu Ga Gotoku games help to give key scenes a sense of urgency and just the right amount of melodrama to set the mood. When Spring rolls around, Sega collects 31 pieces of music from the upcoming Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan game on a single CD for easy listening. Tracks include "Blood Maker," "Takumi," "Daiwa Dance Music," "Sword Play," "Masochism," "Platonic Love," and many more. The CD spans 73 minutes of music.

Preorders for the
Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan Original Soundtrack are welcome to ship on March 6, 2008 at US$25.90 from NCS.

That's QT - Preorder

Take over a retail store and serve as both a designer as well as a proprietor of haute couture clothing. At the outset of the game, players rent space at a flea market to peddle wares but as your street cred and clientele increases, you'll be able to open up your own shop. In addition to peddling clothes, virtual retail operators will also be able to sell 600 varieties of shoes and accessories such as hats, glasses, and belts. Rival retailers will compete for customers so innovation and trend following will be the key to success. Preorders ship on March 27, 2008 at US$39.90.
SKU: NTR-P-CQTJ / JAN: 4988615029080

Tottado! Yoiko no Mujintou Seikatsu - Preorder

The comedy team of Masaru Hamaguchi and Arino Shinya known as Yoiko join together for a mini-game match-up where the duo are stranded on a deserted island. Since there's not much going on except for survival, the two comics forage for food and play many mini-games such as catching fish, manning the hibachi, and living the island life. The touch pen is used to perform basic maneuvers and a game sharing function allows multiple players to join in the fun with only 1 cartridge-enabled Nintendo DS in the local area. Preorders ship on April 3, 2008.
SKU: NTR-P-YOOJ / JAN: 4582224492114

Japanese Import Outlook - Arrivals on Wed-Thurs

NDS Hokuto no Ken: Hokuto Kami Denshoumono Spike

Simple DS Series Vol. 32: The Zombie Crisis D3
PS2 Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi Banpresto

Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi Limited Edition Banpresto

Tales of Destiny Director's Cut Bandai

Tales of Destiny Director's Cut Premium Box Bandai
PS3 Devil May Cry 4 Capcom

Makai Senki Disgaea 3 Nippon Ichi

Makai Senki Disgaea 3 First Print Limited Edition Nippon Ichi
Wii Dairantou Smash Brothers X [confirmed shortage] Nintendo

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NDS Bomberman Land Touch 2 Hudson
PSP Bomberman Land Hudson

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice EA
PS3 Turok Touchstone
Wii Bomberman Land Hudson
X360 Turok Touchstone

PS2 DDR Festival Bundle - Stock Clearance

[Originally Posted on November 17, 2004]
Japanese dancers finally get to enjoy the features that stateside patrons of DDR Extreme have been playing since the game was released in September. DDR Festival features standard dancing action as well as a Party Mode where mini-games are stomped out and EyeToy compatibility where the camera is used to add a bit of variety to the game. Diet mode returns to help players keep track of how many calories are burnt and a Beginner mode teaches tyros the basics of dancing.

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