Monday, January 18, 2021

 TOYS Arknights: Chen - Import Preorder $158.98/each

 Product Synopsis

   From the popular mobile tower defense game Arknights comes a 1/7 scale PVC pre-painted figure of Chen, the captain of the Special Guard of the Ryumon Konoe Bureau! The reproduction of different materials such as leather shin pads and silk shirts are recreated with superior painting technology! The crimson sword [Red Haze] that Chen holds in his hand, the tactical pouch that hangs on his waist, and the [Ryumon Special Admiral] print on the hood are all recreated in painstaking detail! From Chen's dignified expression, you can see the resolute attitude of fighting evil with all of his resolve and determination!

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2021 at US$158.98/each. 

Product Specifications
Manufacturer: APEX
Dimension: H25.8cm (14.96") 1/7 Scale
Material: PVC, ABS
JAN Code: 6971995420583
Japanese Title: APEX アークナイツ 陳(チェン) 1/7スケールフィギュア
Territory/Language: Japanese