Wednesday, July 22, 2015

 HOME Super Mario Big Cleaner - Import Preorder $25.90

NCS Product Synopsis
Mario, Kinopo, Question Block, and Teresa are printed on the front of four cleaner straps which measure 10 x 7.5cm in area (3.93 x 2.95") and may be used to wipe the screens of portable gaming handhelds, smartphones, or a pair of glasses.

   Preorders for the full set of four Big Cleaner straps are welcome to ship in late August 2015.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Hasepuro
Material: PVC, cloth
Dimension: H10cm x W7.5cm
Jan Code: 4545403522842, 4545403522859,
4545403522866, 4545403522873
Japan Title: BIGクリーナー スーパーマリオ01 マリオ, BIGクリーナー スーパーマリオ02 スーパーキノコ
Japan Title: BIGクリーナー スーパーマリオ03 ハテナブロック, BIGクリーナー スーパーマリオ04 テレサ
Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS Attack on Titan Zippo Lighter - Import Preorder $108.90

Product Synopsis
   The heroes of Attack on Titan are imprinted on the face of Zippo lighters as follows:

 » Eren Yeager on the front / Titan on the back
 » Levi Ackerman on the front / Survey Corps logo on the back
 » Mikasa Ackerman on the front / Survey Corps logo on the back

    Preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2015 at US$108.90 each.


 Product Specs

 Manufacturer: Azgrid
 Material: Brass
Japanese Title: 進撃の巨人 ZIPPO ライター/A エレン,  進撃の巨人 ZIPPOライター B リヴァイ フィリア
 Japanese Title: 進撃の巨人 ZIPPO ライター/C ミカサ
JAN Code: 4573157510358, 4573157510365, 4573157510372
 Territory/Language: Japan

 HOME Dragon Quest Smile Slime Spoon S Hagure Metal - Import Preorder US$10.90

Product Synopsis 
    The metal slime dubbed 'Hagure Metal' adorns the end of Square Enix's upcoming Dragon Quest Smile Slime spoon which may be used to scoop up cereal, ice cream, and other nourishment.

    Preorders ship in late August 2015.

 Product Specification
Manufacturer: Square Enix
 Dimensions: L13cm (5.11")
 Jan Code: 4988601227308
 Japanese Title: 商品情報: ドラゴンクエスト スマイルスライム
 Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS Beef Towel - Import Preorder $12.90

NCS Product Synopsis
A pattern of sliced beef dances across the face of the aptly named 'Beef Towel' which measures a meaty 34cm x 86cm in area and would serve up an interesting visual on the beach or poolside.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2015.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Tokotoko
Material: Cotton
Dimension: H34cm x W86 cm (H13.38 x W33.85")
Jan Code: 4582279995004
Japan Title: 牛タオル
Territory/Language: Japan

 PS Rapid Racer - Import Sale $25.90, Free Shipping Worldwide

NCS Product Synopsis
 Original Update: July 16, 1998
Powerboat racing game signifying a break of tradition from the usual car racers. Speed through the waves with a motorboat and jockey for position against competitors. Power-ups may be collected to increase speed but on the flipside, power-downs should be avoided which reduce your maximum velocity. A track generator may be unlocked which allows players to create randomized courses. Rapid Racer was one of the first titles to take advantage of the vibration feature of the Dual Shock controller.

    NCS' remaining inventory of Rapid Racer is new and factory sealed. Orders ship same-day if placed before 4PM EDT.

 Product Specs

 Publisher: Sony
 Jan Code: 4948872100601 / SCPS-10060
 Japan Title:
 Territory/Language: Japan