Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dual Shock 3 in Satin Silver - Preorder

The Black and Ceramic White Dual Shock 3 controllers have sold like gangbusters over the past couple of months. Gangbusters. It's about time for a color variant however and preorders are now welcome for a Satin Silver DS3 which has the appearance of metal but is really just shiny painted ABS. Preorders are welcome to ship on March 6, 2008 at JPY5500 or US$58.90 from NCS. Jan Code: 4948872411813

Star Ocean Second Evolution - Preorder

Ensign Claude Kenny is investigating an energy field on the planet Milocinia when his impatient nature causes him to be transported to the planet Expel. Once there, he meets a native Expellian named Rena Lanford who mistakes him for a hero of sorts and asks for his aid in saving the planet.

The PSP port of Star Ocean 2nd Evolution features character redesigns, new characters, updated cinemas, and detailed facial expressions for the various heroes in the game. Based on the preorder details, a special DVD bonus will be included in a 50% ratio. Jan Code: 4988601005531

Dead or Alive X2 Venus on the Beach Hitomi - Preorder

In the DOAX2 game, the girls of the famous fighting series play volleyball but also engage in racing, butt bouncing battles, and the ever lovin' tug-of-war where brawn wins over beauty each and every time.

Kotobukiya took notice of the fetching participants of DOAX2 and went on to create the Venus on the Beach series of figures which have featured Ayane, Lei-Fang, and Tina in assorted poses and situations on the beach and in the surf. When June 2008 rolls around, Kotobukiya will release Venus on the Beach: Hitomi which features the fraulein fatale atop a miniature inflatable orca. Hitomi may be garbed in a black bikini or a blue top which are interchangeable. The display stand atop which Hitomi is positioned allows for some slight rotational movement of the figure. Pricing is set at JPY9240 for the Japanese version of the figure but it'll probably be localized for the North American market at a more reasonable price.

Indiana Jones One Coin Figures - Preorder

Indiana Jones is as old as the hills by now but that ain't stopping Spielberg from wheeling him out for a fourth film. Set to bow on May 22, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull reunites Harrison Ford with Karen Allen who both starred in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Kotobukiya joins in on the love with a newly announced set of One Coin Figures which are based on the heroes and villains of the Indiana movies. In the photo to the left, we see the likenesses of Indiana Jones, Henry Jones Sr, Marion Ravenwood, and Mola Ram in full regalia. Three secret figures are also randomly dispersed inside each factory sealed box for unveiling later. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late June 2008.

Real Action Heroes Full Metal Alchemist Movie Ver - In Stock

Medicom sends love to the Full Metal Alchemist franchise with two Real Action Heroes figures:

» An Alphonse Elric figure which measures 22cm or 8.66" tall and is decked out in a red cloak with a black uniform underneath.

» Colonel Roy Mustang aka The Flame Alchemist measures 30cm or 11.81" tall and his fist may be fitted with artificial flames.

Love Hina Pencil Case and Bag - Clearance

We sold a few hundred of the Love Hina Pencil Cases a few years ago and we're down to about one container in our warehouse. The pencil case and the little drawstring bag are decorated with the likeness of Love Hina's Shinobu Maehara but Naru Narusegawa also appears on the case.

The drawstring bag is tiny but it'll carry candy, coins, or other small items whilst
the pencil case is made of metal and opens up to hold pens, erasers, and other school supplies. Most of our stock is in new condition but please note that there may be crinkly cardboard on some of the boxes.

NCS Sale Offering
Pricing per Love Hina Pencil Case and Bag is set at US$6.90 which includes free shipping by Media Mail within the USA.
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