Monday, November 19, 2007

Akumajou Dracula X Chronicles Konamistyle - Arrival

Email notifications for the Dracula X Chronicles - Konamistyle bundles have been sent and confirmed orders will ship today. The items in the first bundle are as follows:

» Akumajou Dracula X Chronicles game
» The Dracula X Chronicles strap with puffy sticker attachment
» The Dracula X Chronicles PSP carrying bag with drawstring
» PSP screen protector (inside the plastic bag with the carrying bag)
» Dracula X Chronicle Artbook (Hardcover, 32 glossy pages)
» The Dracula X Chronicles poster

The illustrations in the book are by Ayami Kojima who's been the default artist for the series since the olden days. The first section features full-page character artwork from Rondo of Blood and the second section brims with familiar works from Symphony of Night.

We also imported the most complete version of the Konamistyle bundle which includes the aforementioned six items but adds the following:

» The Dracula X Chronicles coin purse with zipper closure
» The Dracula X Chronicles Original Soundtrack (2 CDs; 56 tracks)

Similar to other Konamistyle product bundles, please note that there is no special retail box which holds all of the goodies in a compact manner. Everything's stuffed into long cardboard shipping containers and we assemble the bundles together ourselves. We should have some bundles available for sale tomorrow but we'll give everyone on our reservation list 24 hours to confirm their preorders. If there are any cancellations, we'll post up which bundles are available tomorrow along with shopping links.

Push! Helicopter - Preorder

Back in the day when we were punk kids growing up, toy helicopters were not readily available. What was available cost upwards of $500 and higher. As technology progressed and China became the manufacturing stage for the entire globe, toy helicopters started trickling out a couple of years ago for the general consumer market. They've gotten so cheap that Taito will use them as amusement center prizes in Japan next year. We've got a bead on a few manufacturer cases and we'll post reviews once we receive them. Toy dimensions: 20cm x 15cm x 5cm. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late March 2008 at US$19 each.

Sesame Street Full Ponpon Coat Mascot - Preorder

Tykes around the world have grown up with Sesame Street characters and a bounty of related goods are released in Japan each year. Omron recently announced six Sesame Street products but we're only importing one of them - the SS Full Ponpon Coat Mascots. The characters are in baby incarnation and wear fluffy coats as follows:

(A) Elmo - (B) Cookie Monster - (C) Big Bird

Even as a baby, Cookie Monster has crazy eyes. The Sesame Street mascots measure 8cm or 3.14" in height and preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late Feb 2008 at US$16 for the complete set of three.

Ragnarok Online Poring Mascot Keychain - Preorder

The Poring product barrage continues in March 2008 with a collection of four reasonably sized plush Poring Mascot Keychains. From the upper left and rolling clockwise, the beasts are as follows:

(1) Poring - Bright eyes, pink patina, and a crooked smile = love.
(2) Arc Angeling - Aqua-blue color to match the heavens above
(3) Poporing - A green teardrop shaped beastie
(4) Drops - Golden-wheat colored beast with a pained expression

A quaff of prune juice might relieve Drops' malady. The Poring keychains measure 6cm or 2.36" in diameter and preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late March 2008 at the price of US$16 for the complete set of four.