Friday, December 29, 2006


Banpresto's Aquapict product features three silicone jellyfish which gracefully flutter inside an illuminated tank. With bulbous bodies and lazy trailing tendrils, the animals swim around in lackadaisical fashion. In the normal operation mode, four colored LEDs in blue, green, purple, and yellow may be selected to change the hue and possibly the mood of the viewer. A deep-sea mode switches the color to a dark blue tint which may serve to relax a twitchy individual.

The water currents in the Aquapict tank cause the jellyfish to move in somewhat predictable patterns. For example, if a jellyfish rises to the top-middle portion of the tank, it'll zoom towards the right and then drift slowly downwards. From there, it may meander along the bottom and then drift around on the left side of the tank. In a darkened room, the movements of the jellyfish are rather mesmerizing and it's possible that someone can sit and stare at the Aquapict for hours on end. The measurements for this item are: 27 cm x 21 cm x 12 cm. That's 10.62 x 8.26 x 4.72" for us Yanks.
All preorders will ship today.

Blanc Neige 1/7 Scale Figure

In the game Shining Tears, Ira Blanc Neige Gardenias is the Princess of Runevale and a mighty ice magic spellcaster. Blanc Neige's repertoire of spells include an Ice Wall, Snow Veil, and Ice Break. To celebrate the winsomeness that is Ms Neige, Max Factory strips off her raiments and places the princess in a barely there bikini bottom. Blanc Neige also crosses her arms in a futile attempt to bolster her bikini top's coverage area. The princess' eyes are colored a deep crimson and her hair shines with a pearl-like finish. Blanc Neige measures 24cm or 9.44" tall and a circular disc is included for display purposes. All preorders ship will today.

Motoko Aramaki 1/8 Scale Figure

At the end of the first Ghost in the Shell series, Major Motoko Kusanagi melded with Kugutsu Mawashi (aka Puppeteer) and became a new entity dubbed Motoko Aramaki. The surname of "Aramaki" is an homage to Daisuke Aramaki who was chief director of the task force known as Public Security Section 9. In Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface, Motoko is director of the investigative division of a multi-national conglomerate known as Poseidon International. Capable of remotely controlling decoy robots (decots), Motoko transfers her consciousness between bodies to complete missions and assignments around the world.

In manufacturer Vice's new 1/8 scale Motoko Aramaki PVC figure which measures 7.87" tall, the womanly cyborg reveals her girlish side. Normally dressed in grungy combat fatigues or a regulation issue uniform, Motoko shows off her taut belly muscles while wearing a frilly blue number.

The top consists of a baby-blue ribbed vest with navy trim which shows off Motoko's ample assets while the bottom is an overly agitated dress which swirls around with a life of its own. Mo's gloved hands are perched on her hips in a stance of defiance and perhaps dominance. A white disc serves as the foundation upon which the Major stands.
All preorders will ship today.

Willy Wonka 400% Kubrick

Johnny Depp's pasty-faced interpretation of Willy Wonka from the 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie was unsettling and somewhat artificial looking. Rigid in posture and animated with facial tics, Willy was/is an odd guy.

Medicom takes a stab at recreating Depp's Wonka in 400% Kubrick form and succeeds for the most part. Fitted with a top hat and natty purple jacket, Willy Wonka carries a cane with swirly top and looks the part of a reclusive confectioner. The figure measures 28cm (11.02") tall and features blue eyes and bright red lips. Similar to other 400% Kubricks, the arms and legs of the Willy Wonka figure are posable but we think he looks fine in the factory pose. Inside the retail packaging, Wonka wears a pair of rose-colored glasses which may be removed. All preorders will ship today.

Hard Cover DS Lite

Add Pokemon style to your regulation issue NDS Lite by slapping a Hard Cover onto the top lid. Three styles are in stock:

» Dialga [Clear blue]
» Palkia [Clear purple]
» Hikozaru [Clear yellow]

The cosmetic boost isn't the only function of the Hard Cover. It also serves to protect the lid of the NDS Lite from scratches, smudges, and other unsightly marks. All preorders will ship today.

Naruto DS Lite Silicon Cover

Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha seemingly burst from the top of the Naturo-themed silicon cover for the NDS Lite. The cover consists of a top and bottom portion which are connected with hinges. Installation is very simple and once installed, the cover wraps around the entire NDS and provides a pliable and protective skin to guard against potential dangers. Openings that are cut into the cover allow for easy access to the various ports and inputs on the NDS Lite unit.

In addition to the silicon case, Takara-Tomy also throws in a thick barreled stylus holder that's topped with a little figure of Naruto. All preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome.

Mascot Touch Pen Pokemon v2.0

Plain stylus styles are okay but if you're the type who likes a little something extra, the Pokemon touch pens may be your cup of tea. Each pen features a Pokemon mounted on a spring which bobs to and fro. Three different sets are available today which include two pens in each pack.

» Palkia [white pen] and Pochama [blue pen]
» Pikachu [yellow pen] and Naetoru [green pen]
» Dialga [purple pen] and Hikozaru [orange pen]

General Updates

Late Stragglers
Some shipments of products arrived too late to post up for today but we'll check them out on Tuesday of next week.
Happy New Year
Since there won't be a website update on Monday, NCS wishes everyone a Happy New Year. Based on old school soothsayers and prognosticators, the first half of 2007 should be a booming time for the economy. The second half... not so much. We'll wait and see how the trade winds blow.