Thursday, March 29, 2007

DJ Max Portable 2

The sequel to DJ Max Portable is being released tonight and our shipments are expected to arrive on Monday of next week. A small supply of the Orpheus Packages (Night Black and Silver White) is also expected next week but we'll post an update once we receive them. The Orpheus Packs include a 3-CD soundtrack in gatefold binder, a 64-page Visual Art Book, a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, and a collection of Visual Post Cards. The goodies are then packaged in a long cardboard box that's suitable for collecting...

Preorders for the regular edition of DJ Max Portable 2 are welcome. Please wait for news on the Orpheus editions since the supplies are apparently miniscule.

Super Mario Bros Sound Nuigurumi Series 2

The first series of Banpresto's SMB Sound Nuigurumi toys were very well received and the two plushes (Goomba and Block) that we keep in our office still get smacked every once in a while to evoke their respective sound effects. To keep the Sound Nuigurumi success rolling, Banpresto has announced the Super Mario Bros Sound Nuigurumi Series 2 toys which are scheduled to ship in mid-late August 2007.

The first Series 2 plush is a golden-colored Question Block which measures 20cm square or 7.87 x 7.87 x 7.87" in dimension. Similar to the Series 1 Question Block, a sound module is inserted inside a flap on the plush which makes a jingling sound when pounded. Punch it with your fist or hammer it with your head and the familiar Mario game jingle plays sweetly. The second series 2 plush features the familiar shell of a Koopa Trooper. The beast within appears to be in hiding as we don't see its head nor any of its appendages. A sound module is also inserted inside the Koopa shell which makes noise when attacked.
Preorders are welcome today to ship in mid-late August at the price of US$25 + shipping.

Disney Chibizu Lght

Flashlights are fine for poking around pipes and plumbing but there's nothing like a lantern when enjoying a summer stroll under a darkening sky. A flashlight only shoots out a tight beam of light whereas a lantern effuses a glow that illuminates the local area. To promote the use of lanterns, Sega has started preorders for a trio of 12cm (4.72") diameter character lights which feature Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, and Stitch. Perfect for use during summer strolls or when trick or treating. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late July 2007 at US$10 per lantern.

Mickey & Friends Chibizu Fan

When exploring the ramshackle shops on Canal Street in lower Manhattan this summer, tourists will be able to purchase a battery-powered fan for about US$1. If you haggle with the vendor, you might be able to get two for a dollar. Powered by a pair of "AA" batteries, hand fans provide a little relief during a hazy and humid day.
Sega's High Street hand fans won't be selling for $1. No, you'll have to cough up nearly US$10 for a Sega Mickey & Friend fan which features a lighted rotor. As the rotor spins, the light creates mesmerizing patterns which may dazzle onlookers while providing a bit of a breeze. Three styles are on offer and preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late July 2007 at US$9.00 per fan.

Mickey & Minnie Projector Clock

Ever fumble around in the dark in a futile attempt to locate your bedside clock? The one that's next to your bed (thus the bedside clock label)? That time you were in a drunken stupor?


Feast your eyes on the Mickey Projector Clock which blazes out the time via laser-sharp light and plasters it on the ceiling. Simply tap the top of the clock and the light shines out like a beacon of hope. After a few seconds it'll blink off but if you need the time again, tap the clock again and the time appears once again. It's magic like that. Preorders ship in mid-late July.

Monsieur Bome Vol. 21: Honey Bunny

Preorders for the Japanese toy import Monsieur Bome Vol. 21 Honey Bunny featuring Maria and Rio will ship in mid-late May 2007. The set includes the two figures as shown in the photo and a display base. To answer some emails we've received about the figures, please note that they are separate and not connected. Each figure also measures ~10 cm in length.

Sarugechu Hand Puppets

Sony has chronicled many stories of the Peak-Point-helmeted Apes but there are many more that have not been told. That's where you come in. Pop the two Taito Sarugechu (aka Ape Escape) puppets on both hands and make up some outlandish dialogue or script a story. Capture it all for the Youtube generation and you're an instant laughing stock celebrity.

The Sarugechu puppets measure 35cm (13.77") tall and two types are on offer: (A) An Ape who hefts blue maracas and stares off into space and (B) another Ape who lifts two bananas. By twiddling the arms of the puppets with your fingers, they'll make gestures and gesticulate while you perform some squeaky-voiced ventriloquism to breath life into the Apes. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late July at US$15 per puppet.

Winnie the Pooh Honey Popcorn Kit

Pooh loves the honey but little did we know that the golden bear also enjoys the popcorn. Sega has started preorders for a Pooh Popcorn kit which contains the following items:

» Foil bag which contains 4 oz of ready to eat honey popcorn
» A 4 oz bag of unpopped corn
» A 1 oz serving of honey to drizzle over the popcorn
» A Winnie the Pooh kitchen mitt

Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late July 2007 at $15 per kit.

Shipment Tomorrow

The shipment containing the second portion of PS2 Hokuto no Ken and the full allocation of PS2 Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ was exported out of Japan last night. We haven't received a satisfactory explanation of why it was on "export gateway hold" for an entire day but we'll look into it to avoid future occurrences. The shipment is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and all remaining orders will ship on Friday.