Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Idolmaster SP - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» The girls of Idolmaster are making a move from the Xbox 360 to the Playstation Portable where they'll sing, dance, and perform like troopers are apt to do despite the different venue. Namco has the temerity to release three versions of the game on January 22 as follows:

» Idolmaster SP: Missing Moon
» Idolmaster SP: Perfect Sun
» Idolmaster SP: Wandering Star

Each version of the game will feature a different assortment of performers such as Kikuchi Makoto (Sun), Iori Manase (Star), and Chihaya Kisaragi (Moon). Note that Miki Hoshii is in all three versions of the game as a competitor with newcomers Hibiki Ganaha and Takane Shijyo.

Preorders are welcome to ship on January 22, 2009. Each version of the game will feature a distinctive jacket.

Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 2 - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» Heroes from assorted Tales games join together for an adventure royale which features an assemblage of 51 characters including:

» Anise Tatlin (Abyss)
Farah Oersted (Eternia)
» Huzibayashi Suzu (Phantasia)
Ilia Animi (Innocence)
» Zelos Wilder (Symphonia)
Ilia Animi (Innocence)

According to the preorder details, Namco will also give away a bonus "Special DVD" to early reservations in 50% ratio. Preorders are welcome to ship on January 29, 2009.

Soul Eater: Battle Resonance - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» The cast of Soul Eater make like the cast of Bleach and battle it out in a fighting game that features 13 pairs of fighters who bout on 12 stages inspired by the animated serial. The default Story Mode features an original drama for each fighter as he/she battles through the ranks.

The Mission Mode (50+ missions) gives players certain objectives and goals that must be completed before moving onto the next mission. In addition to the regular cast of fighters, players may also create a custom character from prefab cel-shaded parts. To add authenticity to the game, Namco hired the voice actors from the television series to recreate utterances, grunts, and other spoken sound effects. NCS is accepting preorders for the PS2 version of the game today as well as the PSP version which will both ship on January 29, 2009.

Early preorders for both versions will include a bonus Soul Resonance CD that's being allocated by Namco Bandai in 50% ratio. This means that if we preorder 100 copies of the game, we'll only receive 50 bonus discs which will be given away to the first 50 preorders.

Kamen no Maid Guy: Boyoyon Battle Royale Import Preorder

«©NCSX» An heiress named Naeka Fumiwara who's being courted by suitors of dubious intent gets a protector in the form of a maid. Not just any maid - a man-maid who dresses up in a regulation-issue outfit and possesses great enthusiasm for his job. Gadget Soft brings the zany world of Kamen no Maid Guy to the PSP with a collection of mini-games, fighting games, and all around wackiness. In addition to the regular edition of the game, a limited edition is also up for preorder which includes a t-shirt and strap. Preorders are welcome to ship on February 26, 2009.

Meet Dave Blu-Ray Disc - Released, Ships Tomorrow

From the Publisher
Seeking a way to save their doomed world, a crew of tiny, human-looking aliens arrives on earth in the perfect disguise - a spaceship shaped like Eddie Murphy, the ship's captain. While trying to save their planet, the aliens encounter problems, as their ship becomes smitten with an Earth woman. There's something that makes Dave stand out from everyone else in New York City. It's that he's an alien! More accurately, he's an alien ship, on a mission to Earth to save his home planet. Torn between the voices in his head - a tiny alien crew led by a high-strung, miniature version of himself - and the world around him, Dave struggles to appear normal. But when he falls for an Earth woman, the consequences are hilarious in this "cleverly conceived... comedy" with plenty of laughs for all ages."

Blue Ray Features: "Crew Profiles"; "Mission: Reboot" Game; "The Making Of 'Meet Dave'"; Fox Movie Channel Presents: "In Character With", "Life After Film School With Director Brian Robbins", "Making A Scene" and "World Premier", Alternate Ending, Behind The Scenes Featurette, Deleted Scenes, Featurette, Gag Reel, Trailers.

Space Chimps Blu-Ray Disc - Released, Ships Tomorrow

From the Publisher: When a $5 billion Space Agency probe disappears into an intergalactic wormhole, the agency recruits Ham III, grandson of the first chimpanzee in space, to help retrieve the wayward craft. But Ham is a free-spirited circus performer more interested in zero gravity high jinks than living up to his illustrious heritage. The simian slacker becomes a reluctant hero and learns the true meaning of courage as he and his crewmates, the fearless Lt. Luna and their uptight commander, Titan, risk everything in an effort to save the peaceful inhabitants of a distant planet from an evil dictator. A hilarious, out of this world adventure the whole family can enjoy, "Space Chimps" features cutting edge CGI animation and the voice talent of Andy Samberg ("Saturday Night Live"), Cheryl Hines ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"), Patrick Warburton ("Rules Of Engagement"), Kristin Chenowith ("The West Wing") and Stanley Tucci ("Robots").

Blue Ray Features: Fox Movie Channel Presents - "Casting Session", "TV Spot Adventure", "TV Spot Countdown", "TV Spot Meet", "TV Spot Rightstuff" and "TV Spot Spacier"; "Trivia Blast Off: Facts About Outer Space, Space Travel And The Space Program", Featurette, Photo Gallery.

Catch! Touch! Mario for JPN Nintendo DS - Clearance

Original Update: July 15, 1999
«©NCSX» Baby Mario and Yoshi team up in a touch screen platform action game where players play the part of a god-like cloud creator. With the simple touch of the NDS stylus on the screen, clouds magically appear to provide berths and bridges for Yoshi and Baby. For example, in vertical moving levels, Baby is held aloft by three blue balloons but gravity still draws him downwards. To slow his descent, draw sloping cloud slides and guides so that coins may be collected. In horizontal moving levels, Yoshi mindlessly marches from left to right while Baby Mario sits on its back.

Sale Offering
: NCS' remaining inventory of Catch! Touch! Yoshi for the Japanese Nintendo DS is new, factory sealed, and in excellent condition. Pricing is set at US$25.90 per copy which includes "free" shipping by USPS Media Mail within the U.S