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 GEAR Dreamcast Wristwatch - Import Reissue US$168.90; Shipping in June 2013

Update: November 20, 2006
«©NCSX» Fifteen years ago, the Dreamcast launched in Japan and the console generated high levels of excitement and rabid devotion. Highly vaunted projects such as Shenmue and Dead or Alive 2 held the fan base in thrall with dazzling visuals and innovation. Throw in a library of arcade perfect Naomi ports and the machine was destined to become lord of the kingdom.

Never happened

   Three years into its run, Sega pulled the plug on the DC and the console was relegated to orphan status - ostensible roadkill for the Playstation 2 juggernaut. NCS collectively shed a tear that day and sniffled a bit.

   To celebrate the demise of the Dreamcast, Sega Direct re-releases the Dreamcast wristwatch that was originally sold on D-Direct many moons ago. A silver-colored DC console shell houses the timepiece with a lid that flips upwards by pressing the "eject" button on the lower left side of the console. When a stranger on the street stops you and asks, "Please sir, what time is it?" flick your wrist up, nudge open the DC watch with a gentle tap and impress the stranger with the magnificence of shiny² Dreamcast time telling. With newfound admiration, the stranger will cast his eyes upon you and regard you as a gentleman, a scholar, and a connoisseur of only the finest things that this mortal coil can provide. He will also whisper, "Bravissimo..." in a raspy voice filled with awe.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late June 2013.

Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Sega
Territory/Language: Japan
Weight: 130 grams
Wrist: 15-18cm
Material: Stainless Steel
Waterproof: Yes, 3ATM
Officially Licensed?: Yes

MAG Shooting Gameside Vol. 6 - New Import, In Stock

 NCS Product Synopsis  
«©NCSX» The sixth issue of Shooting Gameside magazine includes coverage of the following games:

» Dragon Spirit 25th Anniversary article which checks out the original coin-op, home conversions, Dragon Spirit manga, and character illustrations.
» Review of two soundtracks titled Rom Cassette Disc in Namco Bandai Games Inc Vol. 1 and Rom Cassette Disc in Namco Bandai Games Inc Vol. 2 which were both released in 3Q/2012.
» Coverage on Xevious 30th Anniversary Tribute, which features 15 tracks, which is available on iTunes. Messages from composers
Yuji Masubuchi, AJURIKA, Yoshito Yano, Hiroshi Okubo, Hiroyuki Kawada, Linda AI-CUE,
Katsuro Tajima, Junichi Nakazuru, Yoshiaki Hirai, and Taku Inoue.
» Gameside checks out Xevious Resurrection (Jan 29, 2012) which was on the Namco Museum.comm downloadable title on the Japanese Playstation Network.
» Preview of the Xevious Solvalou toy ship which ships in April 2013 for the Japanese market from Wave under license from Namco Bandai Games.
» Ginga Force developer interview with 
M-KAI, Mach, Yonezawa, and Yousuke Yasui
» Coverage on DoDonPachi Maximum which was released for iOS and Windows Phone 7 along with an interview with creators
Hiroyuki Kimura, H. Nomura, and Isamu Matsuda.
» One-pager on Raiden Legacy for iOS and Android followed by another one-pager on Ikaruga for Android, which was released on December 12, 2012 at JPY800 (US$8.68) and a two-pager on the 1/144 scale Ikaruga model ship.
» One pagers on Taka Gari Oh (3DS) and 99Bullets (NDS). 
» Article on Super Chain Crusher Horizon for Windows from
Mind Ware.
Snops Attack! Zombie Defense for X360 and an interview with creator Mike Walz.
» PSP Soreyuke! Burunyan-man Portable gameplay and character details.

» Gameside visits Jeff Minter and Ivan Zorzin of Llamasoft and checks out their games Fi
veADay and SuperOxWars for iOS, Android, and Mac.
» Revolver 360 for the Xbox 360.

Product Specifications

Publisher: Gameside Books
Territory/Language: Japan
Japanese Title:
シューティングゲームサイド (Vol.6)
Pages: 129

Jan Code: 9784896374100

 NEOGEO King of Fighters 2003 - USA AES Cartridge $369 - Please read description

Product Synopsis
Like-new copy of King of Fighters 2003 which was sent to a customer who discovered that the user manual was missing and returned it. There are two small marks on the front of the cartridge as noted in the fifth photo below. If you can find someone to sell you a KOF 2003 USA AES manual, you're all set in having a complete copy of the game. Pricing is set at US$369 which includes UPS Ground shipping within the United States.