Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kidou Gekidan Haro Ichiza Gundam MJ

Nineteen ebullient personalities from the Gundam franchise are rendered in chibi stature where they drop the mech gunplay and play rounds of mahjong against each other. When the little munchkins are engaged in MJ, they'll pipe up with little sayings and insults - Bandai boasts over 1000 voice samples that can play during a round. Upon starting the game, players choose a hero and then play the other characters through four unique scenarios. Since there are 19 characters and each one is featured in 4 dedicated scenarios, there's a total of 76 scenarios.

Gundam Mahjong supports the Wi-Fi function so players can challenge other players online for hearty rounds of Battle Mahjong. The initials of the top mahjong champs will be displayed on a national ranking list.

Shin Chuuka Taisen

From the Publisher
The legend begins! Go on a fantastic journey through Ancient China as the legendary Monkey King. Deadly forces have invaded the Heavenly Kingdom and it's up to you to protect this land as you fight your way to becoming a god! Fly on your magical cloud and defeat the hordes of enemies that come your way on your quest to fulfill your destiny as the Chuuka Taisen! An arcade classic reinvented for the Nintendo Wii system, players can utilize the controls of the Wii-mote to literally dodge your attackers and take control of the action! With rich graphics that depicts the beauty of ancient China from which this story came, users will be able to fly in the shoes of the legendary Monkey King and relive the tale for which he becomes famous.

Product Features
» New Gameplay Mechanic: The series adopts a new tilt control feature that lets you control the pace of the gameplay, allowing players to dodge and move in a way never seen before.
» Multiplayer Fun: A two player co-op mode adds fun for you and your friend including several different modes of play.

Nintendo Wii Remote Projector

Every once in a while, a product comes along that we absolutely know will sell like hotcakes. We knew it when we first laid eyes on the Pac-Man Hats and the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Swing Figures. Then again, we flopped mightily with Tobal No. 1 which has been sitting in warehouse storage for over a decade.

In any case, feast your peepers on the Nintendo Wii Remote Projector from gashapon peddler Yujin. The little gadget is basically a thumb-sized keychain that shoots out an image of a recognizable (and some not so familiar) video game character from "Zelda The Twilight Princess," "Super Paper Mario," "Fire Emblem," and "Odoru Made in Wario." It's unclear how bright the projected image will be but we'll post impressions, photos, and samples once we receive them. Preorders are welcome to ship in Dec 2007 and NCS will supply the mini projectors in complete sets of eight at US$23.

Zelda Phantom Hourglass Sound Drops

Have you ever stood on line at the bodega and thought back to the times you played Zelda on the Nintendo DS and replayed the sweet sounds from the game in your mind? If so, you're a party of one because no one else on the planet has ever done that. Ever.
Despite the lack of Zelda sound love in the minds of the populace, Bandai has decided to release a Sound Drop set based on the recent Zelda game. Sound effects sampled from the Zelda no Densetsu: Mugen no Sunadokei aka Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass game are stored on a computer chip where they may be replayed with a single button press. So, the next time you're at the local mart and aching to hear some shrill Zelda sounds, take a Sound Drop from your pocket and press the button to confound and possibly delight the other shoppers. Preorders ship in Dec.

Super Mario Light Mascot Keychain

After a night of carousing at the local bar, one might find oneself fumbling around with the keys in a futile attempt to locate the one that opens the front door. Free flowing libations tend to cloud the mind and blur the vision at inopportune times.
To help the masses of key fumblers in Japan and around the world, Bandai has announced a set of Super Mario keychains which light up the darkness like a beacon of hope. Or something like that. While the light won't cure alcohol poisoning, it'll provide a little clarity when looking for the right key. NCS supplies the Mascot Keychains in a complete set of 5 at US$20. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late December 2007.

Guilty Gear X 1/7 Scale I-NO Figure

The first word that comes to mind when checking out Max Factory's Guilty Gear X I-NO figure is "funky." Some other words that might be bandied about the room could be "flaky," "ditzy," and conditionally "sexy" in a crazy sort of way.
As one might have surmised from the product header, I-NO hails from the Guilty Gear X games where she serves a shadowy figure known as Ano Otoko. Under instructions from Ano Otoko, I-NO machinates and manipulates the fighters in the Guilty Gear X game against each other. In the Guilty Gear XX sequel, I-NO is the boss character and the ultimate opponent in the game. I-NO's primary weapon is an electric axe which she strums to blow out sonic blasts and wreaks havoc on opponents by swinging it like an actual axe. I-NO's witch hat also provides offensive capability to stun oncoming attackers.
Max Factory's Guilty Gear I-NO PVC figure is set at 1/7 scale and measures 26.50cm or 10.43" tall. The likeness of the figure is true to I-NO's wacky video game persona and her body is posed in a manner which conveys her unique personality. Preorders are welcome to ship in Dec 07.

SALE WII Escape from Bug Island and Alien Syndrome USA

They're still US$$39 and $49 respectively at most USA retailers but we're slashing the price for both games to US$25.90 + shipping. You can request USPS Priority Mail shipping in the "notes section" of the order form which is a flat rate of US$5.50 to most destinations in the continental USA. If you reside in Hawaii or Alaska, please note the rate will be US$6.50. Please note you'll still have to choose UPS Ground to check out of the shop and finish your order but we'll disregard the UPS Ground option and ship via Priority Mail.

We might have some more USA software sales this week depending on some export transactions that might not go through but we'll post them if the stock becomes available to us.
Wii Escape from Bug Island USA (aka Necro-Nesia)
Wii Alien Syndrome USA