Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Mario Galaxy Sound Drop Compact - Preorder

The shrill sound effects and jingling chimes of Super Mario Galaxy are captured in Bandai's upcoming Sound Drop toys dedicated to the recent Wii game. A total of eight different Sound Drops are featured in the set which emit a sonorous sound effect when pressed. Push all eight in sequence and you might compose a sweet Mario Galaxy symphony.

The Sound Drop toys are normally sold through gashapon dispensers in random fashion but we'll gather them up and portion them into complete sets. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late May 2008 at US$25 for the full set of eight Mario Galaxy Sound Drops.

Super Mario Galaxy Funyu Funyu Mascot Vol. 3 - Preorder

Representations of rascals and rotund fungi from Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy game are the featured subjects in Bandai's new mascot keychains. You might be wondering what the heck "Funyu Funyu" means so we're going to school you. When you mash or completely crush an innocent rubbery object only to have it regain its shape and composure, the object is described as Funyu Funyu. Remember, squeeze and release.

The Mascot toys are normally sold through gashapon dispensers in random fashion but we'll gather them up and portion them into complete sets. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late May 2008 at US$22.

Zero no Tsukaima Louise 1/7 Scale PVC Figure - Preorder

From the Manufacturer

Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero), is a fantasy/comedy series based on the Japanese light novels written by Noboru Yamaguchi and illustrated by Eiji Usatsuka. Thirteen volumes have been published by Media Factory. The series has been adapted into an anime for two seasons. A third season will be produced this year. Music CDs and a game have also been produced for this series.

Zero no Tsukaima~Futatsuki no Kishi: Louise 1/7 PVC Figure

1/7 scale PVC (One part: ABS). 18cm tall. Window box packaging. Sculpted by Kazuki. Her clothes are semi-transparent, and removable. Figure comes with the whip Louise uses to beat Saito, her human familiar.

Packaging: 12 units per case. Japan Release Date: End of March 2008.
Price: JPY6700 or US$65.90 from NCS.

General Updates

Wii Dairantou Smash Bros X Update
Our suppliers were not able to increase the quantity of Smash Bros that was shipped last night so the remainder of our shipments are now expected to arrive by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. If we are able to stock them sooner (like on Monday), we'll post an update by Friday morning but as of today, the second batches of Smash Bros X are scheduled to arrive on February 6 or February 7.
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Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 Figure - Stock Clearance

When Banpresto released Super Robot Wars Alpha 2nd a few years ago, it was a big deal among the SRW faithful. Along with the game, Banpresto also released a limited edition box which contained an exclusive figure which would never be sold in any other capacity. Sales were brisk but NCS imported too many limited editions. The regular edition of SRWA 2nd sold great for years and we started taking games out of the LE bundles to fill orders. That left us with a bunch of figures.

Sale Offering
Our remaining stock of the SRW Alpha 2 figures is new and packaged in the original retail box for the SRW Alpha 2nd Limited Edition. Pricing is set at US$30.90 per figure which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. Please note that our shop does not process transactions in real time and orders will be charged US$30.90 only.
Please ignore the shipping quotation on our shop. [Photos]