Wednesday, October 07, 2009

TOYS SIF EX OdinSphere Princess Mercedes - New, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Alter released the resplendent OdinSphere 1/8 Scale Gwendolyn figure last year and Yamato follows up this year with a SIF EX Princess Mercedes figure which is accompanied by a frog whom she met in a swamp in the third chapter of the game. Mercedes is armed with her Crossbow Psypher which she slings in front of her right leg in a non-threatening pose and her faerie wings are evocative of an iridescent butterfly. The Mercedes figure measures 24cm or 9.44" tall and is constructed of PVC and ABS while the frog measures 2.25." The paint on the figure is very clean and there are realistic color nuances in the flesh tones that were used for Merce's skin.

A large white lily pad is included inside the package which serves as the base upon which Mercedes and the frog can stand upon. Holes in the soles of Mercedes' shoes allow her to be inserted onto the lily pad's pegs to allow her to stand on her own. Also included inside the package is a little swiveling attachment for her crossbow. All preorders have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome to ship today.

TOYS Muv-luv Alternative Meiya Figma - Recent, In Stock

From the Distributor
Imported from Japan! From the game Muv-Luv Alternative comes Meiya Mitsurugi, the latest addition to the collection of figures in Max Factory's Figma line. A fully posable action figure, it's made of PVC and has several joints of articulation. Meiya comes with extras, including a katana named 'Minarukamui' and scabbard, various hands and faces for different expressions, as well as a display stand that allows you to suspend her in mid air. Standing 6' tall, she wears her UN Army uniform. Packed in window box packaging.

Toy Unpacking
Upon lifting Meiya from her plastic prison, the fully assembled figma is sandwiched between a plastic case along with her blade, scabbard, an extra face, and an extra pair of hands. A posable figma stand is also included and located at the bottom of the plastic casing.

TOYS Tonner Muppets: My Fair Piggy Doll - Preorder

From the Distributor
Fashion doll creator and aficionado Robert Tonner crosses new boundaries with his multi-jointed all strung vinyl inspired fashion diva, Miss Piggy. Everyone's beloved piggy stands roughly 16" tall with custom-made, changeable wigs and painted facial features. The "My Fair Piggy" doll features a butter shantung walking costume with satin sash and ribbon trim that includes hat, necklace, gloves with sewn-on ring, hosiery, shoes and red wig.
Limited edition of 250 pieces!

Scheduled to ship in December 2009. (4061/T9DYDD11) (C:1-1-3) NOTE: Available only in the United States, Canada, and U.S. Territories.

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» When the divas of today were still waddling around in their diapers, Miss Piggy was the Original Diva (O.D.) who showed the world how to be a songstress as well as a lady. Make that a loud and vainglorious lady who had much love for a frog. Miss Piggy could rock an outfit with style and grace but her singing voice could've used a little more bass. Piggy had vocal shortcomings but she had a buxom figure which allowed her to fill stage outfits and costumes to draw attention away from the music.

The Tonner "My Fair Piggy" figure clads the porcine singer in an outfit that Eliza Doolittle would wear with two big satiny bows that shine like blue satin never shone before. Piggy's piercing baby blue eyes and the blue trim on her outfit add some more azure to the ensemble. Preorders welcome.

NEWS General Updates

Import Release Delays
The following Japanese imports have been delayed:

» NDS Kobun Kanbun - New ship date: November 5, 2009
» Wii Sengoku Musou 3 - New ship date: December TBA
» Wii Sengoku Musou 3 Treasure Box - New ship date: December TBA

We'll post up the new release dates for the SSM3 games once Koei updates the distribution database.
TOYS SR Video Game Robotics Tomorrow
Yujin released the SR Video Game Robotics gashapon last Friday and our entire shipment is expected tomorrow. We'll process and ship preorders on Thursday but please note we're sold out. Another batch should arrive on Friday but we'll post an update once the shipment is in stock.