Friday, December 21, 2007

Face Cover Portable 2 - New Import, In Stock

Bolt Hori's Face Cover Portable 2 to the two screw holes on top of the PSP or Slim PSP and it is automatically protected by a smooth-plastic flip-top. Once the face of the PSP is entirely covered, it is protected from bird droppings, flies, rain, and other things that whiz through the air.

When the Face Cover Portable is attached, note that the PSP will no longer fit inside the standard PSP carrying case or other slim cases. We're still able to fit the PSP inside an Aero Case without squeeze issues. Pricing is set at US$12.00 and three colors are available - Black, Silver, and Blue.

Hori Pad 3 Turbo [White] - New Import, In Stock

The official SixAxis controllers are priced at about US$50 in Japan and the USA. Still costly. To give gamers a price break, Hori releases a standard PS3 controller which sports the same design sensibilities as the Dual Shock with a turbo-fire enhancement that may prove invaluable to certain gamers.

The cord that's attached to the Hori Pad 3 Turbo measures 3m and the turbo-fire can be toggled for all buttons on the pad with three gradations of speed - 5, 12, or 20 shots per second.

Crazy Climber - New Import, In Stock

Back in the early 80s, Nichibutsu's Crazy Climber took place on a flat 2D surface where a scrawny guy used only his hands to scale the height of an entire building. The new generation Wii update of the game features a similarly scrawny climber named Jet who scales buildings both mundane and exotic which offer window ledges that are conducive to upward mobility and rapid wall ascension.

Whereas the original coin-op version of Crazy Climber used two joysticks to manipulate the climber's hands, the Wii game uses a less precise Nunchuk and Wiimote control scheme where wagging them in opposing directions is enough to climb upwards. Joining Jet are three other characters - a girl named Fox, an old urbane dude who goes by Nichi, and a robot dubbed Murphy. Murphy is the most resilient when a pot hits him from above. He'll lose his grip but only slide down about 3 windows before grabbing onto a ledge again. As a comparison, Jet loses about 8 windows worth of progress when he's hit by a falling object.

The Wii update also features 3D representations of buildings and a four-player mode allows for exciting climbing challenges where everyone's trying to trump the other with their scaling skills.

Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon: Toki Wasure No Meikyuu

An adventurer named Shido and a big 'ol Chocobo are speeding across a sandy expanse in their buggy when they screech to a stop. The two disembark and stand before a tower which reaches into the sky. Once inside, a little taste of dungeon crawling is served up where Shido leads and Chocobo follows.

Gamers who are well schooled in the ways of the Fushigi no Dungeon games from Enix will find the format of the latest Chocobo Dungeon familiar. When spelunking within dank labyrinths, each move is metered by the game engine so that monsters on the same screen will take a matching step for every step that Chocobo takes. Every attack is met with a consequent attack so while the game looks like a free roaming dungeon crawl, it's actually a turn-based adventure like the old school RPGs of yore.

As the story goes, Shido and Chocobo explore the tower and encounter two another adventurer and her own Chocobo inside. Before a battle can begin, a maelstrom sweeps into the tower and scatters everyone. In the case of Shido and Chocobo, they're swept into a town where everyone suffers from memory loss. It's so bad that they can't even remember their names. Can Chocobo help them piece together their memories?

Pinky Street: Kira Kira Music Night LE - New, In Stock

The female hipsters of Pinky Street: Kira Kira Music Hour which was released last year return for another round of dancing and rhythm action. The gist is this: the stylus is used to poke at three sections of the touch screen as they light up. For example, if the top section is lit, tap it as quickly as possible to register a groovy rank of 「RAINBOW」 but if the middle section glows and you're a micro-second too slow, you might get a 「 KIRA2 」or a 「GOOD!」ranking.

It's all about quick and nimble tapping as the three sections light up in various patterns. New directional cues, new characters, updated scenarios, and a revamped music list all conspire to make Kira Kira Music Night a fresh and riveting gaming experience.

The limited edition of
Kira Kira Music Night is packaged with an exclusive Pinky Street Ibiru figure. She's the sassy redhead on the cover of the game. Similar to other Pinky Street figures, Ibiru's parts are interchangeable with other Pinky Street dolls.