Tuesday, June 22, 2021

 TOYS Kingdom Hearts Acrylic Magnet Gallery Vol. 3 - Preorder $98.98 each

 Product Synopsis

   Kingdom Hearts Series Acrylic Magnet Gallery Vol. 3 is here!

   Introducing Acrylic Magnet Gallery Vol. 3 from the Kingdom Hearts series. Each magnet has two layers of acrylic and has a three-dimensional visual effect akin to a painting in a frame. Collect all ten and make your own gallery!

* One of the 10 types is randomly included in one box.
* Please note that not all types may be available in a 10-piece box.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late October 2021 for factory boxes of 10 magnets.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Square Enix
Material: Acrylic, PVC
Dimension: H56 x W42 x D3mm
Japanese Title:  キングダム ハーツ アクリルマグネットギャラリー Vol. 3
Language: Japanese
JAN Code: 4988601353908


Monday, June 21, 2021

 TOYS Kingdom Hearts Face Cushion (Shadow) Preorder $48.98 each

 Product Synopsis

   A face cushion featuring the seemingly plaintive expression of a Shadow from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The cushion measures roughly 24" in width and lays flat for use as a pillow, foot rest, or other cushion-purposed accessory.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late October 2021.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Square Enix
Material: Polyester, Plush
Dimension: W62cm x D18cm x H55.5cm
Japanese Title:  キングダム ハーツ フェイスクッション <シャドウ>
Language: Japanese
JAN Code: 4988601358507

Friday, June 18, 2021

 TRC Authentic Visual Collection Juicy Honey Plus #11 - Preorder $116.98 each

Product Synopsis
Update June 18, 2021
   Trading card manufacturer Mint presents the next set of Juicy Honey trading cards in the "Plus" series of cardboard collectibles. The idols featured in Juicy Honey Plus 11 are:

» Nozomi Ishihara 
● Date of birth: July 25, 2000
● Sign : Leo
● Height: 5'2" / Measurements: 35-23-35
● Blood type: A / Hometown: Shikoku, JAPAN

» Mana Sakura
● Date of birth: March 23, 1993
● Constellation:Aries
● Height: 5'2" / Measurements: 35-23-35
● Blood type: B / Hometown: Chiba, JAPAN

» Shoko Takahashi
● Date of birth: May 13, 1993
● Constellation:Taurus
● Height: 5'3" / Measurements: 34-23-34
B● lood type: B / Hometown: Aichi, JAPAN

» Kaworu Yasui
● Date of birth: December 1, 1999
● Sign : Sagittarius
● Height: 5'4" / Measurements: 36-24-35
● Blood type: A / Hometown: GUNMA, JAPAN

   Limited Edition of 5,004 Boxes. Pricing is US$116.98 per factory box of cards. Each box contains 16 packs per box with 6 cards in each pack for a total of 96 cards in each box. If you wish to order a manufacturer factory case, please enter 12 boxes in your order and we will fill your request with a factory sealed case. Preorders will close on June 30, 2021.

Collect All 285 Cards! (72 base set plus 9 insert cards, 204 special insert cards)

[REGULAR CARDS] Base Set: 72 cards 
[INSERT CARDS] Juicy Special Set: 9 cards
● Base Autograph Set: 8 cards
Type A [Limited to 250]
Type B [Limited to 200]
● Honey Costume Set: 8 cards
Type A [Limited to 250]
Type B [Limited to 320]
● Lingerie Set: 12 cards
Type A [Limited to 150]
Type B [Limited to 150]
Type C [Limited to 150]
● Bikini Card Set: 4 cards [Limited to 300]
● Knee Sox Card Set: 4 cards [Limited to 150]

● Other than photo cards, autograph photo cards, bra strap cards, and bra hook cards
● The special insert card will contain a serial number.

● Premium Autograph Set: 24 cards
Type C [#'d to 99]
Type D [#'d to 50]
Type E [#'d to 15]
Die Cut [#'d to 30]
kaisyo [#'d to 10]
1of1 [#'d to 1]
● Combo Autograph Set: 6 cards [#'d to 20]
● Quartet Autograph: 1 card [#'d to 10]
● Message Set: 4 cards [#'d to 15]
● Autographed Message Set: 4 cards [#'d to 15]
● Art of Honey Autograph Set [#'d to 30]
● Juicy Hip Autograph Set #30 [#'d to 30]
● Juicy Hip Autograph Set #20 [#'d to 20]
● Juicy Hip Autograph Set #5 [#'d to 5]
● Random Colors Lingerie Set: 20 cards [#'d to 30]
● Panties Dual Set: 4 cards [#'d to 30]
● Lingerie Combo Set: 4 cards [#'d to 30]
● Pinky Spot Lingerie Set: 8 cards [#'d to 26]
● Autographed Lingerie Set: 4 cards [#'d to 30]
● Big Lingerie Set: 8 cards
Type 1 [#'d to 15]
Type 2 [#'d to 15]
● Kiss Set: 4 cards [#'d to 30]
● Autographed Kiss Set: 4 cards [#'d to 20]
● Photocard: (only 200 produced in total)
● Autographed Photo Card: all [1of1] (only 120 produced in total)
● Autographed Instant Photos: all [1of1] (only 1,440 produced in total)
● Nipple Stamp Set: 4 cards [#'d to 20]
● DNA Set: 4 cards [#'d to 10]
● Bra Hook Set: all 1of1 (only 16 produced in total)
● Bra Strap Set: all 1of1 (only 48 produced in total)

   Preorders are welcome to ship in mid September 2021.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Mint
Material: Cardboard, Card Stock
Japanese Title: AVCジューシーハニー コレクションカード PLUS #11
Language: Japanese
JAN Code: 4589466360492

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

 TOY HMM ZOIDS 1/72 RZ-028 Blade Liger AB Model Kit (Reissue) Preorder $86.98 each

 Product Synopsis

   Blade Liger, one of our most popular original products in Kotobukiya’s HMM Zoids Lineup, comes revamped with an all new Attack Booster version!

   The Attack Booster strengthens the speed, defense, and agility of the Zoid, but this model kit version has been revamped giving this model kit more abilities to customize and adjust the parts. This kit also includes bonus clear parts and clear orange parts to for optimal customization options. With a generous selection of parts as well as a variety of exciting gimmicks, this voluminous kit is sure to please Zoids fans!

・The cockpit can be opened to stow a pilot figure inside.
・The powerful chest armor can be taken off to reveal the Zoid Core.
・The Attack Booster cover can be opened or closed. The booster and beam cannon can also be attached or removed to give optimal customization options.
・The front of the cockpit and tail lamp can be attached with either clear parts or clear orange parts.
・All new emblem and caution mark decals are included in this kit.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late October 2021. 

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: L40cm (15.74") 1/72 Scale
Japanese Title: RZ-028 ブレードライガーAB ZD131 コトブキヤ HMM ゾイド プラモデル
Language: Japanese
JAN Code: 4934054014057 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

 TOY The Idolmaster Shiny Colors Amana Osaki Devoting Rinne Ver. Preorder $169.98 each

 Product Synopsis

   From THE IDOLM@STER Shiny Colors mobile game comes a figure of songstress Amana Osaki who is realized in three-dimensions based on an illustration of [Sweets] live costume as a motif! Similar to her sister Jinka, she appears in the costume of [Devoting Rinne]. The figure swaying on the swing and the matching costume with Jinka have been faithfully reproduced. Please put it side by side with [Osaki Jinka Devoting Linne ver.] Sold separately.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late December 2021. 

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Amiami
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: H18cm (7.08") 1/8 Scale
Japanese Title: アイドルマスター シャイニーカラーズ 大崎甘奈 デヴォーティングリンネVer. 1/8スケールフィギュア
English Title: The Idolmaster Shiny Colors 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Amana Osaki Devoting Rinne Ver.
Language: Japanese
JAN Code: 4902273141281

Monday, June 14, 2021

 TOY Minecraft Mascot Plush (Wolf, Fox, Axolotl) Preorder $16.98 each

 Product Synopsis

   Critters from Minecraft are running loose with Furyu's upcoming collection of mascot plush toys which measure roughly 5" in length. The three creatures in the collection are:   

Line up
1) Wolf
2) Fox
3) Axolotl

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late October 2022. Please select the desired mascot plush through the dropdown menu.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Furyu
Material: Polyester, Plush
Dimension: L12cm (4.72")
Japanese Title: マインクラフトぬいぐるみ (狼 狐 アホロートル )
Language: Japanese
JAN Code: 18550-21-PRZ12468

Thursday, June 10, 2021

 TOY Petite Makeup Dresser Trading Figure - Preorder $39.98

 Product Synopsis

   Ah, the magic of makeup. Those swabs of color and contour that transform faces and bolster the natural beauty of their recipients. Here then is a collection of miniature makeup recreations crafted from PVC for collecting, adoration, or inclusion in Barbie's playhouse.

Line up
1) Skincare
2) Base Makeup
3) Eye Makeup
4) Lips Makeup
5) New Cosmetics
6) Ready to go
7) Hair care
8) Beauty Routine

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late September 2022. Each order will be filled with one trading box containing eight individually boxed makeup miniatures as displayed below.

Product Specs
Manufacturer:  Re-ment
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: H6cm (2.36") Variable
Japanese Title: 【食玩】 MAKEUP Dresser
Language: Japanese
JAN Code: 4521121506364

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

 TOY Nendoroid Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Dress Ver. - Preorder $68.98

 Product Synopsis

   Presenting a Nendoroid of Minnie Mouse in a polka dot dress! She comes with both a bright, energetic face plate and a smiling face plate with closed eyes. Additional eye parts looking different directions are included too, allowing you to change her expression to match different situations. She comes with a miniature figure of Figaro, a cupcake and a letter from Mickey as optional parts. Be sure to add her to your collection!

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late February 2022.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: H13cm (5.11")
Japanese Title: ねんどろいど ミニーマウス 水玉ドレスVer.
Language: Japanese
JAN Code: 4580590125278